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Drive Traffic to Your Yola Site, Strategy #5: Flex Your Expertise

Have a specialty? Gain trust and targeted website traffic by spreading the word about your expertise. Whatever your niche, you’ll find venues, networks and media for engaging your specific audience. Flaunt your knowledge and know-how to interest them in checking out your business website.

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7 Ways to Attract the Right People to Your Website
Whether you offer antique bicycle restoration, oil paintings or clean energy consulting, people are looking for you. Choose from the seven tactics below to get on their radar as an expert and send potential customers to your Yola website.

1. Join Niches within Social Networks
Participate in specialized groups and forums within large general social venues, like Ecademy, LinkedIn and Facebook.

√ Avoid coming across as spammy: keep info about your business relevant and to a minimum.


In LinkedIn, a quick search under Groups for “microbiology” turns up 177 results ranging from highly technical forums to niche-specific networking opportunities.

2. Participate in Specialized Venues
Offer thoughtful, expert advice and ask educated questions in networks and forums for your niche. Agree to do speaking engagements, seminars, panelist talks and workshops – live or in a webinar. Ideas for live venues include industry events, networking groups, and club or association engagements.

√ Check your competitors’ sites for websites they like and venues where they participate.
√ Apply for awards in your industry.
√ Video record your live activities.

The Model Rail Forum gives thousands of experts and hobbyists the chance to connect around a shared love of model railroad systems.

3. Contribute Blog Posts    
Guest blogging on a popular site for your industry is a great way to showcase your expertise, raise your profile and send readers to your own website. Make sure to follow up on questions and comments from readers.

√ Include a link to your Yola site in your byline, and also in your guest bio along with links to follow you on social media.
BodyBuild-blogcall offers industry experts the opportunity to write articles in exchange for their own photo-packed profile pages with links.

4. List with Niche Directories
These are directories that list only websites that share their focus. For instance, sellers of environmentally responsible products can list for free on Eco Business Links.

√ Some professional associations curate their own directories, offering a free listing to each of their members.


The Green Pages lists qualifying companies in its directory for a small fee.

5. Share Documents, Presentations and Videos
Showcase your expertise using a more in-depth or dynamic format. Offer documents, presentations or videos on your own website or as a contributor on another heavily-trafficked or prestigious site.

→ Documents and presentations
Whether a whitepaper, template, PowerPoint preso or full e-book, you can make documents available for download from your Yola site. Give out the link to the download page everywhere it makes sense. You can also embed the files on your Yola site. An advantage is that visitors can view them without downloading.

If a file is large, post it for free or paid download on Scribd.

√ You can sell e-goods such as documents and presentations if you have a Yola store.
√ Host a webinar or virtual workshop using a platform like GoToMeeting or WebEx, record it, and share the video.

→ Videos
You can embed videos for viewing on your Yola site or you may prefer to add them to your preferred video storage service such as YouTube or MetaCafe instead.

The maker of this coloring book listed it on Scribd as a free download. Notice their URL prominently displayed under the title.

6. Write Articles
Contribute an article, editorial piece, artwork or other composition to print media such as magazines and newspapers. Include your URL in your byline. Most major publications duplicate their print content in an online version, which means dual-front exposure for you!

Sign up on Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to provide expertise for news and feature stories.

7. Build Relationships
Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to send quality traffic to your Yola site. Follow up with present, past and potential customers, and reach out to others who share an interest in your niche. Connect with experts in your industry, especially if they provide a complementary offering. You may be able to help each other.

√ Trade shows, training seminars and conferences give you a valuable opportunity to interact with people face to face and pass out your card.
√ Host live gatherings through MeetUp or real-time Twitter Chats for people who share enthusiasm for your area of expertise.

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Stay Tuned for More on Promoting Your Website
Check back for posts on how to get the most promotional bang out of the top social networks. You’ll see examples and learn practical tips and how-tos.

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