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Feature Update: September 2017

New Yola TemplatesThe Yola Team has been hard at work, churning out fresh new features and refining our toolset. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

Parallax Scrolling
We’ve upgraded the Panel Widget to include Parallax Scrolling, a technique used in which background images move more slowly than images in the foreground, creating the illusion of depth and immersion, enabling you to create sections with this modern design trend.

Parallax Scrolling has been included in all of our most recent templates or can be added to existing sites by adding a background image to a Panel Widget, then enabling the Parallax toggle.

Video Backgrounds
In addition to Parallax Scrolling, we’ve also added video backgrounds to our Panel Widget.

To take advantage of video backgrounds, when using the Panel Widget, select “Video Background” under Video Type, then upload your file, or browse our library of stock videos available for Yola Silver customers.

Minimum Height
Using the Panel Widget, you now have the ability to create content sections with both fixed or responsive minimum height values.

For example, a banner built using the Panel Widget can now be given a set height by pixel or percentage, giving you the opportunity to determine how much of the browser window the section displays in. If you want to create a section that takes up 100% of the browser window, no matter the screen size, you can set the Minimum Height to 100vh. Likewise, if you wanted to set a section to display just 600 pixels, you can do so by setting the panel to 600px.

Minimum Height values can be adjusted within the Spacing tab of any Panel Widget.

Content Alignment
We’ve added horizontal and vertical alignment functionality within the Panel Widget, allowing you to define where your content should be placed. This functionality creates a grid, making it even easier for you to build the design you envision for your business.

These alignment capabilities can be found with the Spacing tab of any Panel Widget.

New Templates

  • Augustus – Restaurant
  • Stanley – Hotel
  • Fresh – Restaurant
  • Ludwig – Attorney
  • Oliver – Restaurant
  • Surface – Coffee Shop
  • Sterling – Professional Services
  • Lily – Bed and Breakfast

Updated Form Widget
We’ve updated the Form Widget to have responsive input fields, allowing them to fill the entire width space in which they sit for a more modern and intuitive design.

Due to the fact that the Form Widget now behaves responsively, if your Form Widget is not constrained within a content section (for example a Panel or Divider widget), it will fill the entire content width of the page. To achieve your desired width, place the Form Widget inside a Panel or Divider widget.

If you have questions about these new features, we’re happy to help! Feel free to reach out to our Support Team at any time.

Happy building!

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