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Fresh features for premium users and more enhancements in Sitebuilder+

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A range of new premium features, blocks, and templates are already available in Sitebuilder+. These updates are designed to significantly improve our premium packages, making sure your website shines with better features and looks.

Advanced Color Customization

Tailor your website’s color palette with precision using our new Advanced Color Customization feature. Now, you can effortlessly customize typography, buttons, and decorative elements, seamlessly enhancing your website’s appearance across all blocks. 

The full customization of palettes is a premium feature. While this feature shines in our Yola Gold plan, users of Bronze, Silver, and even free plans can still enjoy limited customization options, including background block colors and accent colors within each color scheme.

Read more about the feature in our dedicated Creating a custom color palette tutorial. 

File Attachment feature

Streamline communication and enhance user interaction with our new File Attachment feature. As a business owner, it allows you to receive important documents like resumes or project proposals from your site visitors. And for visitors, attaching supporting files or images helps provide more details about their inquiry. This feature makes communication smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.

Easily enable attachment functionality through the Forms block (or any other block with the form), facilitating seamless integration into your existing or new pages. 

This is also a premium feature available for Yola Gold and Silver users. Discover the instructions in our Let your visitors attach a file to the contact form article.

Password protection for pages

Take control of your website’s privacy with our Password Protection feature, offering an added layer of security for specific pages. Safeguard confidential content and grant access only to authorized individuals, ensuring peace of mind while maintaining accessibility where needed. 

Explore the feature in detail here.

And more significant updates 

Button presets

Our new Button Presets feature simplifies button customization, making it easier and more user-friendly.

You can now choose one of 15 combinations of various types of buttons: filled, filled tonal, outlined, and with different font colors. You can also pick between sharp-cornered and rounded-cornered buttons.

Footer block – more layouts

Following the new header layouts, we’ve also added a new set of footer layouts. This enhancement allows you to adapt your website footer appearance to different styles and preferences, providing a more tailored user experience for your site visitors.

New blocks

To improve our platform and better serve your needs, we’ve introduced two new blocks: the Menu block and the Why Choose Us block, which are now available in our Blocks library. 

The Menu block offers a structured and visually appealing way for you to showcase your product or service pricings.

Whether managing an online store, restaurant, or service-based business, you can easily customize the Menu block to suit your needs, creating a seamless and engaging browsing experience for your visitors.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add and customize the Menu block, check out our dedicated tutorial

The Why Choose Us block allows you to seamlessly integrate a dedicated section or page into your websites. This block is strategically designed to address customer concerns, build credibility, and differentiate your business from competitors.

The block can be useful for a wide range of businesses, such as online stores, service-based companies, and professional consultants, to convert website visitors effectively into clients.

Read more about the Why Choose Us block in our tutorial

New templates

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new templates tailored to support tax accountants. These templates have been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in the tax consultancy field.

The first template, Tax consultant, features a light color scheme with vibrant details, providing a fresh and modern look. On the other hand, the Tax accountant template adopts a darker color palette with subdued tones of grey, offering a more sober and sophisticated appearance.

These templates are kept simple to ensure a clean and professional aesthetic. They cater to the preferences of tax professionals who prefer a straightforward and business-focused website design. 

Whether you are a solo tax consultant or part of a larger accounting firm, these templates provide a versatile foundation for showcasing your expertise and services. 

Explore these new features, blocks, and templates to unlock the full potential of your website, and stay tuned for more innovations aimed at making your website-building journey seamless and rewarding.