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New features: FAQ block and SEO features

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Yola is constantly being updated with new features to help keep our users’ businesses at the top. Below you can find information on the most significant features we released during 2021-22.

FAQ block 

A well-written FAQ page or section can do much more for your business than provide basic information. First, it can help establish your company’s expertise and reliability with current customers as well as connect with prospects. Second, FAQs written with popular niche keywords can also help your website rank better in search results because its content becomes more relevant. 

No wonder FAQ block was one of the most requested features from our customers. 

The FAQ block comes with three predefined highly-customizable layouts with one, two, or three items in a row. It can serve as a page section or be presented as a separate page.  

FAQ block

You can change the FAQ block’s color scheme, adjust block spacing, change content layout and style, as well as remove the block elements. Dive deeper into the capabilities of this block with our dedicated Support center article

New SEO features

No one can deny the importance of SEO for online businesses. In 2022, our team is concentrating on releasing more SEO features to give our users’ websites better visibility and traffic increase leading to more visitors and sales.

301 redirect

If you need to route your incoming traffic permanently from one page to another to avoid broken links and 404 errors on their websites, 301 redirects are the best solution.

The need to change the page path (URL) can emerge in many situations, including: 

  • Website structure reorganization.
  • Migrating an existing site to Sitebuilder.
  • Deleting a page.
  • Changing the existing page publish path.
  • Fixing a broken URL.

The 301 redirect feature makes it all possible. The feature is easily findable since it has a separate tab in the Website settings.

website settings

Learn how to use 301 redirect to its fullest from our article How to create 301 redirect.

SEO settings for Pages

Adding more SEO features requires more tabs, so please welcome – the new SEO tab in the Page settings. This is so convenient – all SEO settings of the page gathered in one place now. 

SEO settings

Along with meta description and meta keywords, here you can find two important checkboxes: 

Same as page name and Hide page from search results

The first one refers to the title tag and is ticked by default. The title tag is vital because it’s the clickable title of a webpage that appears with the result on the search results page, so it can’t be empty. 

However, if you want to give your page’s title tag a search-optimized name, you can untick the checkbox and write in a new title tag for the page. 

The second checkbox helps you hide the page from search engines. There can be many reasons for that, including: 

  • The page contains private data (confidential company details, user profiles’ info, private correspondence, payment data, etc.).
  • The page contains similar information (a common issue for ecommerce websites that have many products that differ only in size or color and are considered by search crawlers and duplicates).
  • The page is under development, and it’s not ready to welcome visitors yet.
  • The page contains so-called thin content (login pages, thank you pages, etc.) that search crawlers consider not adding additional value for visitors.

We hope you will enjoy these new features and use them to your benefit.