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New website, new features… enjoy!

Hi everyone

I haven’t written an update for a while, so I wanted to give you a quick update on some recent changes you might have seen on Yola.  The first thing you might have noticed is that we rolled out a brand spanking new website a few weeks ago:

There is a lot to play with on the new website, and tons of new information, but here is just a few highlights:

But we didn’t stop at our website.  We have also started a project to revamp My Yola – the area of Yola you see when you first log in to your account.  We’ve only just begun to add functionality to My Yola, but we already rolled out some new features earlier this week:

  • A new visual look to bring My Yola up to date with our spiffy new website.  For those who are interested in the nitty gritty of these things, you’ll notice that we have moved our navigation to the left of the page (it used to be at the top) so that we have more room to add all the features we have planned.
  • A new “Advanced site settings” area where you can now assign any domain as the primary domain for your site – even a 3rd party domain that you’re pointing to your Yola site.  We’ll be adding more functionality to this area in the weeks to come.

That’s just a short overview of what we’ve been up to in the Website and My Yola areas over the past few weeks.  As always, your comments and ideas are welcome!

Rian van der Merwe
Sr. Product Manager

5 Responses to New website, new features… enjoy!

  1. John says:

    It’s a pleasure to do business with Yola, they are very supportive at all times.

  2. marion york says:

    How does one find my site? If I make up cards what do I put on them? I thought I was to put marionyork@Yola.com? I can’t get in

  3. We support and recommend yola to all our members and friends. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up

  4. Sanja says:

    Hello Chairman Benney Ikokwu

    Thanks for your support and recommendations. We really appreciate it!

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