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Yola News 10

The future of My Yola is here

Hi everyone Today we released a brand new version of My Yola (the page you see when you log in to Yola) as a Beta feature to a small percentage of our users.  We are incredibly excited about the changes, and I’m going to spend some time going through them, but first, just a couple of important notes: It’s not perfect yet, but we wanted to make you part of … Read more

Yola News 11

Introducing Yola Mail: easy email for your custom domain

Hi everyone, Today we released an exciting new feature that I wanted to tell you about. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from our customers that it is just too difficult to set up email for your custom domain using Gmail or Hotmail. We agree, so we got to work making that easier for you as you create your website. We’re happy to announce the release of Yola Mail, which … Read more

Yola News 5

New website, new features… enjoy!

Hi everyone I haven’t written an update for a while, so I wanted to give you a quick update on some recent changes you might have seen on Yola.  The first thing you might have noticed is that we rolled out a brand spanking new website a few weeks ago: There is a lot to play with on the new website, and tons of new information, but here is just … Read more

Yola News 7

Yola Silver has landed

Announcing Yola’s brand new, feature-packed subscription package: Yola Silver. Read more

Yola News 6

Yola Silver is coming!

Details of Yola Silver, an exciting new subscription package from Yola. Read more