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Yola Silver is coming!

Hi everyone

In a few days we will be launching an exciting new subscription package called Yola Silver, and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about it.

We know that as a small business, having a space on the web that is truly yours is extremely important.  And we know that for you to stand out and be in control of your online destiny, you need a custom domain name to send your visitors to.  So that’s why we’re introducing Yola Silver — a package that has all the great features that are in our existing Yola Pro package, plus two important additions:

  • A custom domain name (including private registration) (a value of $29.95 / year)
  • A credit to create your own logo for your website through our partnership with HP — check it out at http://logomaker.com/ (a value of $50)

And as I mentioned, Yola Silver includes all the great features in our existing Yola Pro package:

  • A credit for a Premium Style (value up to $39.95)
  • Yola links removed from all your websites
  • Create more sites, get more storage, upload larger files
  • Advertising credits valued at $60

What’s the price for this great package, you ask?  Here’s the crazy part.  We are keeping the price of our premium package exactly the same: $49.95 per year.

That’s right.  Our Yola Silver package, which includes a custom domain name and private registration, will still be the same price as the Yola Pro package that it is replacing: $49.95 per year.

We’ll tell you more once we launch the package, for now we just wanted to give you a heads-up that something exciting is brewing here at Yola!  Here’s some additional detail for those who are interested:

  • As part of this release, we are removing the option to purchase Yola Link Removal (removing the Yola attribution from the bottom of basic styles) as an a la carte option.  Yola Link Removal will now only be part of Yola Silver.  Those of you who bought Yola Link Removal before – don’t worry, you get to keep Yola Link Removal as a feature on your account indefinitely.
  • We also have some great news for our existing Yola Pro customers: you will automatically be upgraded to Yola Silver at no extra cost, and we will also give you a credit for a custom domain name, which you can use to get a new custom domain or renew an existing Yola domain for 1 year.  And yes, your yearly cost will remain $49.95/year.

Look for more information from us in the coming days as these changes go live.  As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

Rian van der Merwe
Sr. Product Manager, Yola

6 Responses to Yola Silver is coming!

  1. tanveer says:

    once again yola, you are only thinking about money.
    why release the same features over and over, give us something new.

  2. Mario says:

    Hi Yola, I think Silver is great!, just please don´t remove yola link removal a la carte optión. I think it is a valuable option.


    • LauraT says:

      Hi Mario,

      Unfortunately, the Yola link removal is going away as an a la carte option, but we will be monitoring the results of this closely in order to see if an adjustment needs to be made. Thanks for your feedback!

      • tanveer says:

        why dont we get an offline builder along with yola silver??
        why dont we get a better html editor , which includes things to create tables more easily??

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  4. Can’t wait to get this! I can feel a pretend heart attack coming so I can stay home from Uni and mess around playing this.

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