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Featured Website: Driving traffic with Brittany Hagler Designs

Brittany Hagler Designs

Brittany Hagler came to Yola to display and sell her original abstract paintings online. She created an elegant logo and a stylish homepage but her analytics showed that while she was attracting visitors to her website, they were not clicking through to her online store.

Brittany wanted some suggestions on how to optimize her homepage and after an online chat session she set to work on redesigning her page to improve conversion, gather email addresses for her mailing list and invite visitors to explore her artwork.

To that end she created a compelling row of buttons serving both as a call-to-action to “get to know the artist” or to “shop” her artwork as well as a gallery by linking images of her paintings to direct visitors to different categories. Her blog is also linked from the bar which serves as a secondary form of navigation for her website visitors.

Brittany’s new design keeps vital elements at the top of the page while informational text was moved further down the page. This improved both the overall look and functionality of her page as visitors can now see what she has to offer at a glance.

Once the redesign was completed Brittany conducted some user testing and was able to learn that visitors liked the updates and appreciated how easy the site is to navigate. “Now I know when I get people to my site I’ll have a better chance of them making a purchase.”

Utilizing advice found in our SEO tutorials, Brittany also focused on embedding keywords into her content. “I was able to use the tips from the “Adding title, description and keywords tags” tutorial to get my website listed second on Google in my area within a day. Super exiting!”

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