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Featured Website: The Ravine Condos

The Ravine CondosDaniel Molnar is an experienced website developer who works with a team that builds and maintains up to 100 websites at a time which makes the ease of use of the Sitebuilder crucial to their success. One such site that we’re excited to feature today is The Ravine Condos.

“I really love the flexibility that Yola brings to our team. Each of our sites has a unique look and style that matches with each featured condominium project. Sometimes we do not have the details of a project, but we are able to build a unique style from just the name of the project alone, or from a single color supplied to us from the builders. Yola gives me the flexibility to make a quick site using an existing theme, or to dive right in to the code and create HTML, Javascript and CSS combinations that truly wow our customers.”

The team focuses on marketing condominiums which requires a sharp focus on optimizing their website content for search engines. “The SEO tools give me important hints to bring my sites to the first or second page of Google search results in a highly competitive industry.”

This team knows the importance of capturing their website visitors attention and guiding them through their pages using calls-to-action. “The built in buttons is one of my favorite features as it can be styled in the style designer once a button is inserted. This allows me to use beautiful, quick loading and accessible button designs.”

The end goal is to generate leads for condo sales which they do by collecting registration information using the HTML widget to build custom forms.

“We have received positive feedback from developers for several of our condominium sites and have grown our business substantially through our websites.”

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