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Featured Website: Create My Website

Create My Site by Steve SmallSteve Small of Create My Website started using Yola eight years ago when his band needed a website. “I looked around online at different website building platforms that would allow me to create my own site and thus negate the need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a web developer.” Steve explained. “Yola is great and allowed us to promote and sell our music as well as keep in touch with our fans.”

Steve is the type of entrepreneur who takes business ideas and runs with them. And once he discovered Yola, over the years he used the platform to build websites for each of his new businesses.

While not all of these ideas panned out, what they did do was give Steve the site-building experience necessary to be able to compete with many professional web designers. “I discovered that I was creating websites that incorporated all the elements that can be found in websites that cost other people thousands of dollars. So, I set about designing and building websites for small businesses in my local area, using the Yola platform. I was able to offer professional website design at half the price of many other web design companies.”

Steve has always had an eye for art and design, and has a knack for fusing beauty with practicality. He taught himself the ins and outs of Photoshop and has put the skill to use, creating amazing, professional logos. This allows him to incorporate both artwork and branding into his website designs, offering a full design package. “Yola is amazing in the way it allows me to create bespoke, individually designed websites for my customers. None of my websites look the same and this is because I am not restricted by templates (although Yola does provide a large collection of templates for people to use if they wish to).”

“The reason I first chose Yola over the many other web building platforms out there was because of its ease of use, the freedom I am given to create one-of-a-kind designs, the amazing value for money, and the support that Yola offers. Even when I was trialing the free version of Yola, I was given support from the Yola team and they helped me with any problems I had in creating my sites and offered tips and work-arounds in order to achieve the things wanted to.” Steve explained. “This fantastic level of service is something that I still benefit from today. The team at Yola just can’t do enough to help, and now that Yola has implemented a new chat function, I can actually speak to a team member in real time which is extremely helpful when I am in the middle of designing a site and stuck on something.”

“It was very apparent, very early on, that Yola wasn’t your average drag-and-drop web building platform. It is so much more than that. After some practice I was able to incorporate many new self-taught methods into my designs.”

In Steve’s site-building journey, he’s even been able to learn certain CSS, JQuery techniques, HTML coding, and add the custom coding into his designs, and to produce stand-out sites that look anything but homemade.

“My name is Steve Small and I’m a professional freelance website and logo designer that wouldn’t be able to work in my dream job if it weren’t for Yola.”

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  1. Mrs Hyacinth Jeffers says:

    Hello, To whom it May Concern, I am trying to keep My Domain Name (www.upholdme.co.uk). I do not wish to Change it. Also, I got told it is Free to Set up My Website. I do not have any Funds. Kind Regards, Mrs Jeffers (Uphold Me)

    • Yola says:

      Hi Mrs Jeffers,

      Thank you for your question.

      In order to point/redirect your custom domain to your Yola website you will require a hosting subscription either Bronze , Silver or Gold. With our Free hosting you can build one website with 3pages maximum and you will need to publish your website to a free Yola subdomain eg. mysite.yolasite.com.

      To learn more about the packages and various upgrades you can add to your account, please see our pricing page here – https://www.yola.com/pricing/ .

      If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  2. Ariful Islam says:

    yola is the best site for create websites.
    it is the best site i ever seen.
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  3. Gaurav Jain says:

    I have been involved with Yola for many years now. It is very easy to use and build your web pages on Yola.

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