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Announcing the I Love Yola Contest winners!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we held a contest surveying customers to find out what they love most about Yola. Needless to say, we were enamored with your responses.

We selected two lucky winners based on their glowing testimonials and beautiful websites, but the decision was not an easy one!

Without further ado, let us introduce our winners:

Steve Small

Designer and owner of Create My Website, Steve Small has built a number of beautiful websites with the Yola platform. His use of stunning visuals combined with his creative use of custom panel widgets, call-to-action buttons and Style Designer customization skills make for a picture perfect website.

Copy My Website by Steve Small“I have been a Yola customer for many years now and I love that over this time I have been able to hone my skills by using the vast wealth of knowledge that Yola has put at my fingertips in the form of blog posts, handy hints and tips and support. The chat function that Yola has implemented is amazing and I have used it several times in the past month. I have never had to wait more than 2 minutes to speak to a representative. Each time I have spoken to somebody they have gone out of their way to help me and I have always left the conversation with a solution to my particular problem.” Steve stated. “Over the years Yola has helped me to connect with my customers in a fresh, innovative and creative way that doesn’t break my bank balance. Great service, great price point. Thank you Yola.”

Charlotte Clarke

Based out of the UK, Little Feather Photography owner Charlotte Clarke has photographs to die for and a website to match. She’s used her logo to span her banner for a dainty and delightful addition to her beautiful business website. We love her use of the Horizontal Line Widget to create a footer as well.

Little Feather Photography by Charlotte Clark “It’s so easy to use and with the templates and your own ideas you can design a totally unique site.” Charlotte told us.

“Using the metadata section has got me onto the first page of Google without wasting any money on boosts to get there. I have lots of traffic directed straight to me and my business.”

We’re pleased to see the Yola Sitebuilder is promoting the success of small businesses. We love seeing our services utilized to build websites that match the visions of a wide array of business owners.

Thank you to all of the participants for your fantastic submissions, we love you too!

9 Responses to Announcing the I Love Yola Contest winners!

  1. J81A9G3 says:

    -This looks great: I am thankful for Yola -the business station about the Web.

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  3. Muhammad Iqbal Khan says:

    I like web editor, style and scripts of Yola both for any personal web or business web.

  4. Shiva Singh says:

    you guys are far better than alot of creepy websites which only asks for money

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