Yola Premier FAQ

What is Yola Premier?

Yola Premier is a comprehensive website design solution that offers you a consultation with a professional designer to build a Yola website that's perfect for you and your business. 
Since 2007, Yola has been helping small businesses get their websites up and running quickly and easily. With over 10 million users, we know what elements make up a successful small business website and we pride ourselves on offering a best-of-breed website builder. As a Yola Premier customer, you’ll have your website built by a Yola expert who has extensive experience with the Sitebuilder, as well as a great eye for design.
With Yola Premier, you can be assured of an interactive design process utilizing your own content such as your logo, graphics and images blended together to create a strong foundation for your online presence.

How much does Yola Premier cost?

Yola Premier costs $499.95 for the first year, and you are automatically upgraded to Yola Silver account status. This is a one-time fee, thereafter your Yola Silver subscription is renewed at the normal price. Take a look at our Pricing page for information about our prices. 
If you are already a Yola Silver subscriber you can upgrade to Yola Premier for $400.00.
Once the payment has been made, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment for your first design consultation. 

What you need to know about Yola Premier

Yola Premier includes:

    •    One year of Yola Silver.
    •    Phone consultations with a professional designer.
    •    Up to two revisions.
    •    Up to five pages.
    •    Up to five stock images.
    •    Photo gallery.
    •    Favicon for your site.
    •    "Contact Us" form.
    •    Business location map. 
    •    Basic SEO (page metadata and keywords).

Yola Premier is designed to be a quick kick-start to your web presence. As such, there are some limitations to the services provided.

Yola Premier does not include:

    •    Content creation (e.g., logos, banners, custom menus etc).
    •    Comprehensive SEO management.
    •    Flash, JavaScript, or background music.
    •    Configuration of the Online Store.
    •    Website administration and management.

Is eCommerce available?

Online Store set up is not included with Yola Premier but Yola does offer a premium online store which you can read about here. If you are interested in adding the Online Store to your site, mention this to your designer as that can be accommodated after your Yola Premier design project has been completed.

What if I want more than 5 pages?

No problem! Although 5 pages are included with Yola Premier, we are completely flexible to your needs and can easily add as many as you like. Additional pages will be billed separately based on an hourly rate. Your designer will provide a price estimate based on your page needs.

What happens when my consultations are over?

Once your site is created, you have full control over it and can make changes or updates at any time. This includes adding more pages, uploading images, adding an Online Store and editing your content.

What happens if I am not happy with the site?

You are entitled to two revisions with your designer. Thereafter, you take over the site and can edit it using Yola's Sitebuilder.

What happens to my site if I don't renew Yola Silver?

The only time your Yola Silver subscription will expire is if we experience problems rebilling you. If this happens your account will be downgraded to a Yola Free account.

What this means is:
  • Domain pointing will be removed from your account.
  • Domain hosting will be removed from your account.
  • You will not be able to publish your sites to your domains.
  • Because you are required to have a hosting package to publish your site to a custom domain, visitors will no longer be able to access sites published to your domains.
  • Access to any other sites you have published will also be interrupted. 
You will still have access to your account and Sitebuilder, and your sites will still be available to edit - you will just be unable to publish them. To renew your Yola Silver subscription, click on the "Publish" button in your Sitebuilder and follow the steps provided.