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Featured Website: Stephanimation

Upon seeing Stephanie Howes website Stephanimation.co.uk, it’s immediately clear she is not lacking for creativity or inspiration. When it came to the vision of her website, Stephanie wanted a blank canvas to make all her own, but she still wanted the ease of creation and maintenance that come with a drag-and-drop website builder. Being able to express her artistic vision without having to spend time writing custom code was imperative, which is where Yola came into play.

Stephanie did not hesitate to make her vision a reality. To get the ball rolling, she prepared her canvas by selecting Super Flat, one of our most versatile Styles. Knowing that her art should be the main focal point, she then removed the navigation menu, minimized the banner area and set the background and content areas to white. Next she uploaded illustrations and images and played with the layout by moving the widgets around until they aligned the way she wanted. To utilize her own custom font, Stephanie uploaded each navigation page title as an image which allowed her to easily redirect her blog to a third party service suited to her industry.

www.stephanimation.co.uk 2014-4-28 22 4 15

“Building up a website like this was made easy by using the “Save Page as” option which cut down my time.” Stephanie told us. “I was able very easily to copy a page, save it as something else and make a few changes, rather than trying to mimic the same theme from a previous page on my website.”

As an animator, Stephanie is committed to sharing her illustrations in their truest form, video. Accomplishing this was a piece of cake by embedding YouTube and Vimeo files on her Work page.

Our Flash widget is a tool Stephanie looks forward to working with more in the future to make her site interactive, and to better promote her work. Check back soon to see what she comes up with!

Stephanie has received a lot of positive reviews about her website from her clients. “It has been a great tool for marketing and a great home for my online portfolio.”

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