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Featured Website: Careers

The Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP) was founded in 1946 and develops reports that are distributed nationally and internationally through medical journals and talks. Their latest work, Careers was a different endeavor for them because it is a career resource for the general public. They knew they needed to reach a much wider audience so they began planning a different approach.

We knew that we needed a good web presence with mobile capacity that we could customize to preview the book and easily link to e-bookstores. Being basically non-technical ourselves, we wanted an easy-to-use solution and Yola delivered on all counts. We found a beautiful premium style [Palette] and within a couple hours had our site ready to go. After we got some endorsements from writers and career experts, we wanted to display those on the site. After searching the community forum about animated GIFs, we built our own and plugged it right in without a problem. When we showed the site to the Group (about 300 of us), people were thrilled.“—Josh Gibson, M.D.

Visitors to their website can download a free sample of the first chapter of their book using the file widget and then proceed to the digital book store of their choice to purchase, download and begin reading their book on their preferred e-reader.


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