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Featured Website: FL.ROC

FL.ROC needed a website that would get their site visitors excited about getting dirty! FL.ROC Race Director Dan Matuszczak did his research and knew he needed a fun and professional website that inspired a sense of adventure so he took advantage of our Yola Premier package and worked with a professional website designer who helped him achieve the look and feel he was after. Dan felt that having a design in mind from the beginning “was very important because it gives the designer a great starting point to stay on track with instead of possibly creating something that they find pleasing but is different from what the client wants. The final design was awesome and totally captured the feel we were looking for.”

“We started the process by filling out a questionnaire that was very complete on expressing what the client is looking for and what was to be added to the page.  We included all logos and pictures and color schemes that we were interested in. The new design captures our company image so much better than my original site that I created by myself. The new site has a professional look that gives us the detail and design that matches our MUD RUN Adventure Run feel.  We have gotten rave reviews on the site and the new look from all our racers, friends and family.  Being that our website is our first impression and storefront to get people interested we knew it was a no-brainer that we needed to have professional help to get the look we desired.  And the price is so affordable we knew it would be worth the chance and we are super happy with the results.” —Dan Matuszczak

Dan was also pleased that his designer took the time to teach him some of the techniques used in order to make maintaining his site in the future more seamless. They detailed how to use the different font types such as “paragraph” and “headings” including the specialty fonts that his designer added to his Sitebuilder giving his website a truly custom look. Run on FL.ROC!


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