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5 easy ways to promote your business online

If your business is lacking an online presence, now is the perfect time to get started. Getting online has never been easier, and developing a great website no longer requires huge effort or expertise.

What’s the incentive?

Creating an online presence allows your business to be found via search engines, making it possible for users to obtain your contact details, find your hours of operation and research your products. With nearly 800 Million if your business isn’t searchable, your competitors probably are!

Word-of-mouth marketing is changing. Spreading feedback face-to-face is no longer our only option – we now have social media to do the dirty work for us. Therefore, it’s imperative that your business’s online presence delves deeper than only that of a website. Invest some time into creating Yelp, Facebook and Twitter accounts to serve as support for your online business. Your increasing traffic will thank you in the long run. That being said, it’s important to note that the role of social media is not to serve as a primary online presence, but rather to support your website.

Here we have five ways to get your business online:

1. Build your website:
The notion that building a website is only for those who are highly technical is no longer relevant. With the tools that we have at our expense, anyone can build a professional website in little to know time and even on a budget.

First things first, to kick of your site-building venture, decide on a domain name. From there, create a compelling homepage, easy-to-follow navigation and an effective contact us page – voila! You have yourself a website.

Domain Name

Not convinced? Pop into one of our live demo and Q&A webinars, where we create a professional website in under 30 minutes.

2. Get your business on Facebook:
It was recently stated that Facebook currently has 25 million active small business pages.

If you are worried about the process of creating a top-notch business page, you can easily integrate your freshly built website on Facebook.

Upon publishing your Yola site, hover over the “Publish” button, and click “Configure” next to Facebook Publishing. Before you know it, you’ll be sharing content and gaining “Likes” like a pro!

Social media concept

3. LinkedIn for your business professionalism
LinkedIn is a great professional online presence to have, connecting you to potential customers as well as colleagues and others in your industry.

We recommend creating an individual LinkedIn profile and a business page:

  • Create a profile, and connect with your clients and colleagues. Don’t be shy; ask for a client to write a recommendation of your work and/or your business. This will help with word-of-mouth.
  • Create a linkedIn business page. Your personal connections and clients can then follow your page. When you update the page an email notification is sent to them.

When creating your LinkedIn profile and company page, add your contact details and write a short paragraph explaining your business. This will allow other LinkedIn users to find you, create connections and write recommendations for you and your business.

4. Use a location-based service, if your business is location specific.
Having a presence on location-based services is advantageous when it comes to running a business that has geographic specific services or products.

So what exactly is a location based service?

Location-based services are networks that allow you to register and put your business on the map, literally. So when a potential customer searches ‘personal trainer San Francisco’ you and your competitors will be displayed.

One of the biggest, most influential location-based services is Yelp, which allows users to search for specific types of businesses in specific locations and read reviews. In this manner, Yelp continues to influence many buyers’ purchase decisions. Put your business on Yelp and ask customers for reviews. You’ll be amazed at how good reviews can help grow your business.

5. Be an expert – contribute to a blog in your industry
How do you get people to view you as credible? Become an expert! An easy way to build your businesses brand is to contribute to a blog about your industry. Where do you start?

  • Start commenting on blog posts. Give your opinion on posts revolving around your industry, and have the URL to your website in the footer of your comment.
  • Answer questions on forums. There are thousands of forums that your potential customers read and ask questions on. Putting in the time to answer a few questions is well worth the investment.
  • Start your own blog. Once you’ve commented on blogs and forums, you’ll know specifically what customers want and in what areas need more information. Use this to your advantage! Add a regularly updated blog to your website, and over time, your traffic can increase immensely.

It has never been easier to get your brand online so don’t hesitate, follow our 5 steps and enjoy the ride!

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