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Creating pages for your business site

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When you sign up for a Yola site, you automatically get a homepage for your website as well as a contact page with your business address and contact information. Although these are the core pages for any business website, it is important to invest time in creating more useful pages and subpages for their business.

People visit your website to learn more about your business, product or services. The information on your homepage should pique their interest and motivate them to the next page and, eventually, to purchase. But what is that next page?

Some site visitors will want to learn more about how long you’ve been in business while others want to learn more about the backgrounds of those who started the business to qualify your goods or your level of expertise. Therefore, making a good first impression and providing the most important information that a typical customer would be interested in on your website is key. It helps visitors make quicker and more informed decisions.

An “About” page is important for establishing credibility and putting a face to your business. You can also include “Our Story” as a subpage. These pages will help connect users with the story of how your business came to being and give them a better sense about the mission and vision for your business and your commitment to customers.

Sub Page

If you sell goods, it is important for you to include a “shop,” “store” or “e-commerce” page. This page will include all the available goods available for your customers to view and pay for online. You can include subpages with various categories in your store to allow users to navigate various products, tangible or digital.

If you have free resources and tips for your site visitors, you can include a “Resources” page. This page can include links to free, customized resources for your customers that they can either download or read directly on your site. You can also include subpages to differentiate the various types of resources you have available.

You can also include a “blog” page. Yola allows you to host a Tumblr blog on your site to engage regularly with your customers and share updates about your business with them. By adding relevant content to your website, you increase your search rankings and have a greater reach to online searchers.

Tumblr Yola

Tap into the benefits of building out your website pages and make sure that your site’s navigation encourages visitors to make informed decisions about your online goods and services. Take the time to properly build your site with the pages that are best for your business. It shows commitment to your business and sets site visitors and customers on the path to trusting you and your business long term.

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