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Why a Custom Domain Is Important to Your Business

Do you have a custom domain for your business? Having a custom domain is very important for your online brand. It improves name recognition, increases credibility and helps you get found online more easily.

You can also get custom email address that matches your domain. For example, This can help make your business appear more professional in your online communications with your customers and partners. Below, are several reasons why you should get a custom domain for your business.

Domain Name
Name recognition
Custom domains are a good ways to brand your business and increase its visibility among your customers. They make your website memorable to visitors and improve the chance that they will remember your site’s name and come back again. It also increases the chance that they will be able to recommend it to their friends and share it on social, thus improving your website referrals.

Credibility helps you convert your online visitors to leads and customers. Getting a custom domain is a good signal for how seriously you take your business. It shows that you believe in your business enough to invest in building a brand and signals that your business might be around for a long time. This will make your online visitors more comfortable in trusting your business and ideally, purchasing your goods or services.

Online marketing
Custom domains also help your business get found online more easily. It also builds your brand equity when used for email marketing and social media marketing. By using a custom domain, you are making a strong brand statement for your online business in a way that makes it appear more legitimate. Coupled with the right keywords on your website, this can help you stand out from your competitors and drive you more visitors and leads.

Social Media Marketing

Custom emails
With a  custom domain, you can easily create custom email addresses that can boost the image of your business and make you look more professional. Custom emails can make your business seem bigger than it really is. It is also a great way to promote your business brand instead of promoting a third party brand such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL.

You can easily set multiple email addresses for to address various customer requests such as or That way, whenever customers contact you, they feel like they are contacting a professional business entity that takes its customers emails seriously.

If you don’t have a custom domain yet, you can get one quickly through Yola. Visit our custom domain page.