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5-minute website fixes: No logo? No problem.

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If you’ve read our eBook Get Started Building Your Website, you know that when it comes to building professional-looking website, business branding is key.

And what’s the best way to jumpstart your business branding? A logo.

But like most when starting a small business, keeping costs down is important. And designers can be expensive. However, creating a logo (unless, of course you’ve dabbled in graphic design) may be easier said than done.

Don’t allow a lack of a logo to hold you back from creating your online presence. We have a quick fix to give your business the professional feel of a logo for those of you who aren’t quite ready to have a designed logo.

To start, when creating your site, give it a Page Heading as well as a Tagline. Your Page Heading should almost always be the name as your business, whereas your Site Tagline could differ a bit – this could be anything from a slogan to a phone number.

To edit your Page Heading and Tagline, when it Sitebuilder click the “Page” tab, and click “Heading.” Before saving, be sure to click “Apply page heading to all pages” if you’d like consistency across your website.

Adding a site heading on Yola
Now that you’ve decided on a Page Heading and Site Tagline, this is where the customization begins.

While in the “Page” tab of Sitebuilder, click “Style Designer.” From here, double-click on the area where your heading is so that Style Deisgner will show only the properties associated with that area.

Adding a page heading on Yola
Now, change your Main Header and Site Tagline to contrasting fonts.

Changing fonts on Yola
Voila! Your site instantly has a more professional look and feel to it that will surely hold you over until you’re ready to invest in a logo.

Using a different Style? No worries, you can do the same modifications in Skyline.

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