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Establish a Professional Image for Your Small Business

Starting and running a business is tough work. It requires skill, perseverance and passion. Keeping and maintaining a strong customer base requires the same level of detail, and it helps to have a professional image.

So how do I establish a professional image for my small business?

As everything online, we start with a website. Here’s a simple checklist that will help you ensure that you have the foundation for establishing a professional image for small business.

Have a phone number for people to call.
According to MightyCall, 80% of customers judge the validity of a business based on their phone presence. Having a way for people to contact you is critical for lead management and growing your customer base. There are plenty of companies, MightyCall included, that offer affordable phone services for small businesses.

mightycall logo
Once you’ve got your phone number set up, place it on your website. BIA Kelsey estimates that 60% of small to medium businesses are missing a contact numbers on their homepage. This is like leaving money on the table. Having a clearly displayed phone number helps with lead generation and customer service as well as gives your small business a more professional image.

Be available for mobile users.
Having a mobile-ready website is one of the best ways to add a level of professionalism to your small business website. A good majority of site visitors looking for your business will want an easy means to call or navigate to your storefront straight from their smartphones.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to convert your website into a mobile-friendly website. Simply enable the mobile publishing option, and visitors will instantly be able to call your business.

Enable mobile publishing on Yola

Own your small business image 100%
This means remove any external footer branding from your website and make sure that everything on your site is 100% your content. This will present a professional image as well as show that you small business website is trustworthy and produces its own content.

Another way to make your business 100% your own is to have a custom domain and an email address. Generic services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail present an amateur image and makes it more difficult for customers to remember. It costs close to $20 per year to buy a custom domain and email address – a worthwhile investment.

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