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What to Use for Your Website and Blog: Backgrounds and Images

Have you been meaning to customize your site’s background, textures and images but don’t know how? Many business website owners fail to take the extra step to customize their site by playing around with its backgrounds, textures and images.

Backgrounds, textures and images are a great way to make your business website stand out. It’s also your chance to add some personality to your website and connect more authentically with your customers.

We’ve laid out the various ways to take advantage of these customizations below.

To edit your site’s background, in the Yola Sitebuilder, simply click Style > Style Settings > Edit Background. Click on the down-arrow next to “Background Fill” and the color picker will open. Select the color you would like to use and click “OK.” If you know the Hex value of the color you would like to use, enter it into the space provided (here’s a link to a Hex color generator).

Edit your background Yola

To upload your own background image, click on Style > Style Settings > Background. A dialog box will open, check the box next to “Use a background image.” You can now either upload a file from your computer or browse for an image file from the File Manager. Once uploaded, customize your settings – whether you would like the image to tile (repeat), where you would like the background to be located on the page and if you would like the background to scroll with the page or not.

Edit your background - background fill Yola

You can also choose to apply the same background to all of the pages on your site instead of changing the background on each page individually. To do so, click on Style > Style Settings > Background. In the dialog box that opens, click “Apply To All Pages” (located in the bottom-left corner of the dialog box). Click “OK” to save the change.

To upload a banner image on your site, click directly on the default banner image to upload a new image, or choose an existing banner from your File Manager. When you’ve uploaded the banner, the banner editor will open – allowing you to move, resize or apply the banner image to all your pages.

To edit your custom banner, simply click on the banner image and the banner editor will open up.Each banner has recommended dimensions which can be used to achieve the best result. To find the banner dimensions, look to the bottom right of the banner editor that appears when you click within the banner area.

Edit your banner Yola

Yola also gives you the option to upload a different banner image on each page of your site or apply the same banner image to all pages. To apply the banner image to all the pages on your site, simply click on the banner image and, in the editor, select “Apply to All Pages.” Click “OK” to save.

When you customize your business site with attractive banners and images, it makes a statement to your current and future customers that you take your business seriously and adds to your credibility. Try some of the steps we’ve listed above. Don’t forget to share what you’ve done with us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • In yola, it is easy to change the background and images.

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    I started to use this generator along time ago 🙂 it helps not only with sites a make beautiful banners for my site)