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Adding background textures to your website

Background textures are a great way to improve the look and feel of your website. Many small businesses fail to customize how their sites look beyond the offerings of a standard template. As a result, many small business websites end up looking the same with very little differentiating them apart from the text information on their sites. Think about it, would you like your business website to be forgettable or memorable? Of course you would like it to be memorable! It makes a difference to put the extra effort into designing your site, as it will help you stay top of mind with your customers.

Through our Style Designer, you can quickly customize your website’s background texture to better suit your business’s brand and image.

Background textures give your site personality, and make it stand out from the millions of small business websites on the Internet. There are many free online resources where you can get background for your website, such as Background Labs.

Before you select a background, think about what effect you intend to add and what it will convey to your site’s visitors. Your background should have a purpose, as this would enable you to be more effective with whatever message you are looking to pass across.

Ultimately, it is up to you to pick what will work best for your business. Bonnie Bootleggers, using Super Flat, chose an image of their band as their background to showcase their 1920’s brand style. Use your imagination to get the ideal look for your business.

Bonnie Bootleggers

In selecting a background texture for your website, be sure to select one that matches your business’s vision. There are various techniques you can use to ensure it will reinforce your brand. For instance, try picking one that greatly contrasts with the other textures throughout your website to emphasize a brand that is assertive and unique. You can also choose a background that complements the rest of your site to add to a welcoming image.

Some businesses get creative with their textures by adding a subtle overlay of dust to give their backgrounds and overall website a tactile appearance. Get creative, and try playing around with high and low contrast patterns, as well as large and tiny.

In addition, make sure your background texture follows suit throughout your site to provide a consistent feel for customers. Most importantly, if you choose to upload an image background texture, be sure that it’s of reasonable size and will load quickly. A slow loading site may drive away visitors right onto the homepage of your competitors.

To add a background to your website, launch Style Designer in the Yola Sitebuilder by clicking on “Style” and then clicking on “Style Settings.” Next, select the “Background Image” button and customize your background as you deem fit, using a range of colors or by uploading an image or texture.

Style Designer background image
Have you been playing around with background textures on your business website? How has it improved the look and feel of your website? Share your experience with us in the comments or on social.

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