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How to find and use images for your website

There’s nothing like a captive image to bring life and excitement to your website. Images are a great way capture the interest of your site visitors and illustrate your company’s value proposition in a way that is memorable and endearing. Already, when you set up your Yola site, you get preloaded images on your default site template to help you tell your business’ story in a more compelling way. But what if you want to take the images on your site to the next level? Where are good places to go to online to find and use images for your website?

We understand how important images are in conveying information to visitors online and so we enable you to start your image search right from the Yola site builder. Through our partnership with Fotolia, you can get access to royalty free professional photos and images for your website.

Other good places online for finding good images and photos on your website include iStockPhoto and 123rf. You can take advantage of offers for Yola users by iStockPhoto by visiting this link.

Stock Photos
When selecting photos, it is important to keep in mind key factors that will help you pick the best images for your website. For instance, it is important to consider what purpose you have the image as well as how relevant the photo is to your website. Before you select an image, you need to ascertain what message you want to convey to your visitors and if the photo matches your company’s voice and brand.

After working so hard on creating an awesome brand for your business, it won’t bode well to take away from the brand by using a photo that does not match the tone of the rest of your website. If you have an inspiring brand, look for uplifting photos that will add to your company’s image. If you have a laid back and approachable brand, select friendly, inviting photos that will add to your company’s messaging.

Other important factors to keep in mind include how unique the photo is and how timely the photo is. For instance, you don’t want to use a generic photo that most of your competitors already use on their website. Pick photos and images that are unique and that strengthen your company’s image and brand. Timeliness is also a very important factor. For instance,  a dated photo can send the message that your business is not current with the times and that you are not in tune with current consumer trends. Pick a photo that is fresh, relevant and timely to give your brand a hip and cool feel that your visitors can relate to.

After finding the right photos for your website, you might want to edit it to achieve certain effects and get certain emotional responses from your reader. Through our partnership with the photo editing tool, Aviary, you can quickly make your pictures look amazing using beautiful filters, frames and touch up tools. Using Aviary, you can add text, crop, adjust, rotate and adjust your photos all within sitebuilder. Editing your images will give it a nice touch that can enhance the look and feel of your website.

Aviary Screen Shot
Now that you know how to find and use images on your Yola site, it is time to get photo hunting. If you have any questions and observations, feel free to let us know in comments or via social on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I will spend some time looking through images online for the most appropriate. Sometimes I’ll take photos myself of my work or product then edit in Gimp or InkScape. My own images seem to be the best fit so far.

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