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The top benefits of a good website

In order for a small business to succeed, it must have a website. Fortunately, making a website is an easy, manageable and cost effective with an inexpensive or free website builder. But the question remains for many budding businesses is why have a small business website to begin with? Is it worth it, especially when you’ll be one of 600 million?


A resounding yes.

Having a small business website is a huge benefit. It is the single most inexpensive and effective way to advertise your business and to reach customers and prospects searching online. In this article, we’ll outline the top benefits of a good website that will help you understand why having your own website is important.

1. Reach new customers
The top benefit of a good website is that it provides another avenue for customers and prospects to find your company. Having a good website shows professionalism and provides customers and prospects with an easy way to engage and share your business online. In essence, your website is available and ready to promote you when you are not. It’s self-sustaining and a great way to attract customers.

2. Build brand awareness
A website is an extension of your business and your brand. It provides you the opportunity to present your solutions and products in detail without having to make a pitch. Your website sells for you and allows visitors to read leisurely about what you offer, before making an informed and happy decision to do business with you.

By adding content to your website, you have the opportunity to express, in detail, everything you feel is important for buyers to know. In this respect, your website is a benefit to you as well as your website visitors. If you use Yola, our Silver package provides small businesses with the majority of online branding tools need for building a website.

Brand awareness

3. More information about your buyers
Having a website can be an incredible learning tool for you to understand how your customers buy, who they are and what they want. You learn about people’s online behavior when they search online or interact with your website. We call these online searchers your target audience. The more you learn about them, the better chances you have at increasing sales and beating out your competition.

What people do when they are looking for something is extremely valuable information, and research on your buyers can be expensive. The benefit of a good website is that you can see all this data for free, month after month and year after year.

4. Fast track communications
One great benefit of a website is to open up a two-way communication pathway. Website visitors can easily give feedback on your website and marketing through social media and through your contact form. The truth is that people are already discussing your brand and comparing you to competitors. Keep communication open by building a website, engaging with your customers and followers and being a part of the conversation. You can even add in a newsletter or email opt-in to capture email addresses of people who want to learn more about you and your business.

Get started
Now that you know the top benefits of a good website, it’s time to get started building yours!

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  1. Hi I’ve emailed yola site a few times now and have not resolved my issue. I can’t log in to my account to delete my website. I don’t want my personal info on the web. It’s been years now. What can I do to get some help and a response from your company. Thanks!

    1. Hello, thanks for getting in touch!

      We did locate your email and see it was replied to three hours after you commented here. You can rest assured that your website has been unpublished. Please reply to the email if we can be of further assistance, we are here to help!

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