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SynthaSite needs your vote

The word is getting out and we are getting featured regularly by the blogging community:

Founders and CEOs got a chance to pitch their companies directly to the TechCrunch audience and we had the opportunity to submit our 60 second elevator pitch. Watch our CEO in action and be sure to cast your vote!

SynthaSite has also gained some popularity with educators. SynthaSite was included in a reader’s choice poll in this article by Larry Ferlazzo on Best Web Applications for Educators. Poll closes on 1 February 2009, so vote today.

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  • I already cast my vote for synthasite, anyway i just want to correct the date of closing of the poll its “1 February 2009”,

    GoodLuck Synthasite.


  • Marije

    Thanks Rich – made the update!

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  • Hey Champions, this is an outstanding site, and I’m not in the business of talking crap, or leaving messages for the sake of it. In fact rarely do I bother unless it is deserved.

    My go is making money, that’s what I’m good at. Making websites and widgets, and gadgets, and bla bla bla isn’t my go!

    But I like to have my finger on the pulse, and because of how easy it is to use your web builder I can do that and make updates with the click of a button. Awesome stuff! Well done champions.

    By the way for anyone reading this I have not being paid to write this, nor do I know these dudes personally. Although you would probably agree that they should pay me. Just one more thing. The CEO seems like a cool dude however, he isn’t going to win any awards for his sales ability because he has none.

    That aside great work, great site, great support, and clearly you guys know where it’s at. Thanks…

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  • Good Luck !! Just cast my vote for synthasite…..I’ve got to say, I’ve been using it for about 6-7 weeks now, and it’s just opened up a whole new set of doors for me….

    For anyone who’s not an out-and-out web designer or developer, it’s a really easy tool to use, once you get the basics learned.

    The other thing that I’m really pleasantly surprised with, is how friendly sites built with Synthasite are to the search engines…it was my one concern, when I started using it, that it would be hard to rank well, but I have to say, it’s been the exact opposite. Some great tools in their, like the google webmaster code function, and the integration of packages like google analytics is a doddle.

    Look forward to seeing what the new upgrade is later today!


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  • Updated January 31, 2009

    it seems i know who gonna get the title of “Best Web Applications for Educators”,

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