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Latest SynthaSite Release

We have just rolled out our first new release for 2009. Here is a quick summary:

1) 7 New palettes for our new default style: It is a new year and perhaps a good time to update your website’s look. Go ahead and have a look – You are going to love them!

2) HTML validator: Prevents bad code from being saved. We know our users love adding widgets to their sites from a variety of sources. But when you save invalid code this can break your page and make it impossible to edit. From now on you will get a warning message telling you which widget is broken so that you can fix the code or delete it before you save.

3) Abuse page: Makes filing an abuse complaint easier. Perhaps not a fun feature but a much needed one. Click on the link in the footer of our site that says: “Report Abuse.” We hope people will use our software for it’s highest and best use, but sadly not everyone does. If you would like to file a complaint, please use this mechanism rather than the Get Satisfaction forum.

3) Lots of bug fixes: Thanks to everyone who reported a bug in the last few weeks. Many of them have now been fixed. Please give whatever was troubling you another try. If the one you reported is still not fixed, drop us a note and we will be sure to catch it next time.

This is a first release to get us on the way to a great new year together. There are some big things ahead for SynthaSite, so keep an eye on us. We thank you for your support and as always, we value your feedback.

  • Hi,

    great to see some new enhancements….BUT….the new update caused my site to change template, and threw out a few things, so I had to go through each of the pages and make some amendments….

    did anybody else experience this, or was I just unlucky??!!

    still – no pain, no gain, so hopefully it was all worth it.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  • You ROCK !chears

  • Great idea on the HTML…If something is not right we know it right away. Great for those of us that are let’s say HTML challenged ~¿ô

  • A welcomed change and upgrade. I would request you to keep upgrading as this makes the sites more interactive.

    What about some interactive gimiks.

    And what about a FORUM page.

    Great going.

    May God be with you.


  • Awesome,

    Thanks for fixing those bugs.

    Thank You Synthasite.

  • Thank you for all the hard work you guys do. I love Synthasite. Keep the new releases coming and I will keep bringing the traffic coming in to my web page.

  • Marsha Smelkinson

    Where are the new templates, colors? I see 25 pages, with nothing new.

  • yeah thanks for all the work this is the best website maker ever!!!!!

  • Nice new update I’ll definetly explore the new paletts and hope to find something to change my site’s look: http://www.muzicera.com

  • I find your site user friendly and clearly guided. Congrats, service and development well done

  • Wow! I’ve had my site here for just a few days and you’re fixing bugs I didn’t know we had! This is great. Keep up the good work. This place is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Thanks a million for the bug corrections, especially in the stores program. Everything you can do to speed up inventory entry is greatly appreciated.

    Lauren 🙂

  • Guest

    When are you going to make the forum widget???

  • OMG! this is such a terrific update! you are always making progress in synthasite…

  • This site is awesome, its great for what I need. I would love to see a widget or something so I can create my own calender of events for people to see…

  • Robert

    Yes, please list the names of the seven new templates. Thanks.

  • Hi All!
    I had some problems, but you guys are magic
    fixed it in no time.
    Ernst Weinert

  • Monique

    The new templates: the first one in the style manager is called Tastelessly. There are seven variations. To see these click on the different palettes in the “Colors” column of the style selector. The great thing is that all of them allow you to change the background image, as well as the banner image, so you can customize to your heart’s content!

  • ty snthya for making it so simple!!!

    oh and check out my site for toughs of you who want to share games and see other referenced games to!!!!!!


  • I ABSOLUTELY love this site. I had signed up for an account with Synthasite a couple of months ago,but recently just started creating my site over the last couple of weeks. I absolutely love the ease of this website; I couldn’t keep it to myself! I began telling a number of my friends about it, and now they too are building their own sites. I think this free web hosting venture is a great idea- and the ability to add all of these various widgets and forms are sheer delight. Continue to keep up the great work & I will keep telling as many people as I can….

  • Alexis

    Does anyone know exactly how I can put banners on my site?? Im not sure how to do that since Im not a computer person.

  • This is a real problem….

    When I try to edit my site, ALL THE TOOLS DOESN’T WORK!


  • Thanks for adding the new templates. I really like them. And also thanks for putting the popup for whenever there is a code in the wrong spot, because we never knew why the page messed up until you did that. Good job on everything! 🙂

  • hi there !
    happy am i being a new enrolee of synthasite. Thank you guys for being generous to all newbies like me.through your freewebsite i could now share some of my thoughts to others out there having same same thoughts as mine. And what makes me inspired moost is that , i won’t have to spend just to have mysite. Again guys, Thank you and more power to all of you out there.

  • Really Very Nice And Totly For New Genaration I LOVE It

  • Hey ya guys an gals

    Glad to hear that you take action when presented
    with bugs.

    Keep up the good work.

    Many thanx



    Thanks to synthasite i created my own site without any difficulty…
    Check it out

  • Thamks for the new updates and the wonderful service. I update the look of my site for 2009. Thanks for making it easy and for the great tutorials. Keep up the good work.

    Please check out my site:

  • did anybody have to pay

  • u r kewl

  • what do i have to do so i can
    get other people to blog on
    my page????

  • Justin

    Hi, I think that Synthasite has made some great upgrades, But please next time you upgrade – Please let us use our own Templates!!

    A website login feature would be nice to.

    But really, make some kind of uploader – So we can upload our own!!

    Thanks Synthasite!

  • jenny

    SYNTHASITE… Thaaaaaaaaaank you!

    – Thank you for helping me fulfill to have my own website.
    – Thank you for keeping it simple, easy, and fast.
    – Thank you for the awesome experience of letting us create our own website. You made us feel very gifted.

    Most of all, for letting me post my website for F-R-E-E! FREE! I take it as a sign from God to pursue my small business intended for my family and friends use only.

    From All of Us (My Family and Friends)- Thanks so much! More Power to you SYNTHASITE!

  • Joseph

    hope you can still keep up the good work

    I wish for a page organizer the one you did on the file manager Because I’m going to need many pages for my idea
    HOPING you can do it

    GO SYNTHASITE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have been a long time user at synthasite and i think that it is good. keep it up.

  • In addition to allowing us to choose our banner and background (great, by the way), could you also make it so we can choose our link color as well? Thanks!

  • sam

    hey the reason why i wanted to post my blog about this is that my site usually never gets any people to look at it since i have no way of getting it out there, but with posting this people might actually come to see it. the site is http://www.everystyle.sythasite.com, and i am a guy so it might mostly be about guy stuff, but it does have some real life problems posted on it

  • thank you very much

  • Very Good Styles

  • Your Service is very cool.

  • nice upgrades. i like these new features as they help me making my websites better….



  • i really like it

  • hey guys, ur site rocks !!! i wish i was clever like you 2 make a brill website like that !!! luv yhoo guys !!!! U ROCK!! plz add more stuff so i can enjoy it !!
    lots of luv from boo boo bear