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Latest SynthaSite Release

SynthaSite just rolled out another release of new features today.

1) Layouts!
You asked for a way to create more professional looking sites.  We listened.  Click the new “Change Layout” button on the far left of your screen and select from 9 different options!  You can start with a blank page, or use a preset layout with drop zones to give you greater control over your content.  Drag and drop widgets vertically OR horizontally to easily achieve the best look and feel.  You can use the same layout for your whole site, or a different one on each page, as you prefer.  The layouts work with all of our existing styles, so whether you are new to SynthaSite, or an old hand, you can start making use of this feature today.  We look forward to seeing what all you wonderfully creative site builders do with it!

2) A new style!
We have added a new style called “Burlap” which is optimized for the new layouts.  The Burlap style supports custom banner and background images, and there are four beautiful color palettes to choose from.  There has never been a better time to build a new website, or give an old one a “make over”!

3) Searchable help topics!
SynthaSite has always offered tutorials and FAQs, but as we have grown into a more complex, feature rich tool we have recognized the need to grow our library of help files and make them searchable.  Check out our new support page, and use the searchbox to ask any site building questions you have.  If the answer isn’t there – drop us an email.  We will be sure to add it.
Additional features: submit a support query and check the updates online using your private code.  Vote on the most and least helpful topics.  Just read the basics or click through to other related topics if you want to learn more.

We are committed to making site building easier and more fun for all our customers.  We look forward to your feedback on our latest release!

  • Absolutely love the new layouts.I am going to put in a new lay right away.The multiply column’s are great!
    Thanks a lot!

  • You guys are great thanx alot ! The new layouts are fantastic!

  • Justin T.

    GGGRRREEEAAATTT!!!! Synthasite is moving forward!

  • Ian

    Love the new layouts! The option to now use multiple column layouts gives great flexibility to build a range of pages in any website, and one thing that is worth pointing out is that these new layouts can be used on a per-page basis (ie you are not tied to just one layout for your entire site):

    ie you can select a 2 column layout for page one, 3 column layout for page two, a sinle column layout for page three etc – really nice feature!

    Looking forward to the next release!

  • I think synthasite should put some more animal and endangered animals templates!

  • any chance “flash” will be a feature? (at least for the intro…)

  • Great work!

  • OTS

    I simply love the layouts, but i hope to have more variations of layouts. The current ones are good but still lack something here and there.

  • Liz

    Thank you so, so much for providing such a wonderful website building tool! I love SynthaSite!!!

  • I like synthasite it gave me a tool to host my website and i kept the synthasite name because i,ve been promoting my website like that and it will bring more people to use synthaiste when they build their next website hope y,all are around for years to come God Bless

  • I love the way Synthasite has been upgraded and now I can do so much more on my site!!!!!

    Thnx so much Synthasite!!!!

  • I have been talking and thinking about my own web site for year but always assumed it would be too complex to do. Thank you for making it so intuitive and simple. I’ll keep you informed as I progress with the site.

    Thanks again


  • I just love this site, I am starting up my own Bespoke Hospitality sertvice and want to get my own web site going first. Great Job, and I look forward to working with synthasite for a long time.

  • I have wanted to create a website for quite some time now but I thought it was going to be to difficult. I was really impressed on how easy synthasite makes it for you and it’s fun. Thank you so much!

    Lorie & Michael

  • yes the syntasite provides good service.

  • thanks for the new things and also for the support………..

  • I really like the new layouts..I will be very busy this weekend.

  • Hi all !
    New banners are great, just be careful
    if you change to a new banner and you have
    designed your own banner on multiple pages
    all will be lost if you don’t like the new banner
    Psst! happened to me .
    Ernst Weinert

  • What a great site and wonderfiul layouts! I was told by a friend about your job openings as I was the controller of Snapfish (and I actually sat across from Dave Saxton for almost a year!) I am planning on taking my non-profit website and transferring over to yours. I am also interested in assisting with your controller needs; I am available immediately as I have finished a 6 month assignment as Dir. of Finance and Operations for another start-up. I’d love to work with you all. I tried calling you at the 415-227-4552 phone but it goes right to fax. Give me a yell if you still need a controller and tell Dave I said hi!

    Daphne Evans

  • Zulmira


    It’s a fantastic idea! Really great! I hope that’ll be sucessfully around the world.

    I’m working with Synthasite around 2 months ago and it had “grow up” so much.

    I want help all the synthasite team… For example, in the future, I can help to translate all the tools in spanish or portuguese? 😉


  • Synthasite is the best!!!but i have a little problem.I can’t upload anything.:(Why?

    • Monique

      Could you ensure that you have Flash installed in your browser? If that doesn’t help, please contact support@synthasite.com.

  • mihaitzabest-Romania

    Yes this is the problem.Thanks for your quick reply.Really Synthasite is the best!:D

  • Thanks for making it so easy to build and update a website. I have used synthasite for several sites now take a look

  • I love it but how do you find other people’s websites