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Updated release of SynthaSite goes live

We strive to constantly improve SynthaSite and the value it provides our users. One of the ways we do this is through regular updates that improve the overall user experience, feature set and stability. Yesterday we put version 2.2.5 live.

The new color palettes got such a great reception that we have added more – 15 more styles now offer multiple palettes and there will be more to come. In order to help you find the palette you are looking for we have added pagination for browsing styles.

Full details of the new features and fixes are documented in the release notes.

As usual, there is plenty new support material to help you get up and running or improve your existing site.

There are also some undocumented fundamental enhancements that should make publishing your website even smoother and faster.

As always, thank you for your feedback and continued support – it has been invaluable in getting us to the point we are today. The daily communication from you via our support center and Get Satisfaction is what informs how we prioritize each release.

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  1. b74d3 says:

    well ithink its good


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