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SynthaSite needs your vote

The word is getting out and we are getting featured regularly by the blogging community:

Founders and CEOs got a chance to pitch their companies directly to the TechCrunch audience and we had the opportunity to submit our 60 second elevator pitch. Watch our CEO in action and be sure to cast your vote!

SynthaSite has also gained some popularity with educators. SynthaSite was included in a reader’s choice poll in this article by Larry Ferlazzo on Best Web Applications for Educators. Poll closes on 1 February 2009, so vote today.

77 thoughts on “SynthaSite needs your vote”

  1. Your tools have improved. Both amateurs and experts can really enhance their websites.
    Aside from being free, it has value indeed.
    I use this Free link to my Main Business Website. It also Search Engine friendly.
    Hey, there are people who are not happy and I am not one of them.

  2. (already found that i can skip de http://)
    Hi, i’m from portugal and have no experience what so ever in publishing in the net (just some operating some friendly softwear)… so de help of your platform (can i call it that?) came just right from the sky…
    Thanks a lot… a yet learning; wait to ear more thanks from your’s, from now on dedicated, APaulino.
    Keep up.

  3. I did try one other site called Fusion, which is similar to synthasite. After many attempts and considerable time spent trying to build a site,I had to admit defeat.
    On downloading Synthasite I was up and running in no time, and my site was active within hours. After one small problem, I contacted the support team. Monique was so helpful and the replies were almost immediate, most unusual these days. All in all I’m very impressed,and will reccomend Synthasite to any one

  4. This an awesome site. I am definitely not completely over the hill but synthaSite does an excellent job of supporting folks like me. I am trying to get my little enterprise going and a site like this makes it so friendly and economical to join the race. I am having a blast!!!

    Thanks synthasite

  5. Synthasite absolutely rocks! Thank you for making such a logical program. Many of the sitebuilders and blogbuilders out there contain zero logic and take a million hours to learn. I’ve had a successful business website for five years, so I do know of where I speak.

    To the programmers at SynthaSite: Bravo and well done!


    P.S. My only teeny problem is the name you’ve chosen, “SynthaSite” – It sounds like a “synthetic site” – a fake site…one, perhaps not to be taken seriously…I almost didn’t click on your company for that reason. However, SO VERY GLAD I DID!

  6. Thanks SynthaSite for bring this great place to us..since i was sign up..i know its very easy and friendly to use and manage our site..i just create site using my mobile via i can’t drag and drop,my site still under construction,its make me can’t publish it, its ok, just go to my friend and then create it using his computer..i’m just to say much thanks to SynthaSite…sorry for my bad english..

  7. WOW amazing im a first time site builder and this site is amazing i have only been published for a few days now but looking forward to the beginning of a fun and profitable business. I keep adding to it daily with all sorts of widgets and adds. How do you do it for free amazing thanks again and please check out my website its very unique you wont be disappointed

  8. this is the most user friendly website builder i have ever seen,and very easy to use,even a beginners can also understand.the best part is it is absolutely free.why searching somewhere else to build a site when you have YOLA.thanks for all good people behind this wonderful effort.good luck

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