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Synthasite launches Beta

Synthasite is finally out in the open and has launched into Beta. We hope you are going to love the new features, including the ability to publish your websites. I’ve written about the launch on my personal blog, so instead I’m going to use this opportunity for some brief housekeeping items:

1. Terms and conditions have been updated.
2. For legal reasons, we have been advised to withdraw the 1m shares offer from the public domain, effective immediately. No shares have been issued. We really did try to embrace the spirit of collaboration and making users feel ownership, but unfortunately, regulators don’t see it our way and in the interest of ensuring that our site is accessible to everyone – we have had to make this decision.
3. Your old websites have been removed, as per our notice in the Alpha, however all new websites created will remain on Synthasite through any future versions.
4. Your old logins and passwords will work – if you have forgotten, please use the recovery link on the homepage.
5. Synthasite is free to use, and we are now offering free hosting and free sub-domains. We will never charge for the basic services that Synthasite provides – so don’t worry about the price going up 🙂

And please – send us all your feedback and comments to our email, support@synthasite.com!

Many thanks,

Vinny Lingham
Chief Executive Officer,
Synthasite (Pty) Ltd

12 Responses to Synthasite launches Beta

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  2. Ross says:

    “…For legal reasons, we have been advised to withdraw the 1m shares offer from the public domain, effective immediately. No shares have been issued….”

    Does this mean that the designers who submitted designs that were used will get those designs back since they’re not getting shares anymore?

  3. DG says:

    Your site has the elements of a great site. However, after trying it out for about 20 minutes, it ran very slowly. Perhaps, there should also be a button that saves the site. The only way I noticed saving was via the publishing area. Maybe, there is automatic save, but it was not working when I tried it. Also, adding a picture took away all the text portion.

    Adding more templates will be advantageous. Good luck on your project. Very soon, once all the bugs have been corrected and speed has been improved, it can become another wonderful site added to Web 2.0 technology.

  4. vinny says:

    Thanks DG – can you please email support@synthasite.com with details of what browser you are using, and what your line speed is? We have tested Synthasite extensively, and it should not be slow for anyone.

    Ross: Don’t worry – we will contact all contributors next week and there will be something special for them as an apology 🙂

  5. Gajolo says:

    Finally! Great job! I can’t wait to try Synthasite out for real!

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  7. Craig says:

    Ok, so I came back after the really limited functionality of the beat. I created two test sites. The first, it was impressive. The second, crashed after 30 minutes of work (saved work) and disappeared.

    I was about to be impressed and considered moving from Weebly.com which is slow to render; but I’ve never lost work to-date with Weebly.

    Thanks, but, keep working.

  8. Brent says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’d like to know more about the problem you experienced. Was your saved work lost after your browser crashed?

    Also, which browser and operating system are you using?

  9. Karl says:

    Hey Vinny, congratulations on a great launch! I’ve managed to play around with some of synthasite’s creation functions and I’ve found them to be wonderfully intuitive. I was wondering if and how, as a cpa traffic broker, I may use synthasite created websites to work with tools like speedppc, LPGen(landing page generator), etc. and whether or not most of these dynamic, relevant page generator functions are already imbedded. Thanks

  10. shawn says:


    I am sure there are other positive opportunities around that. I’m confident in YOU. Besides, anything YOU offer is always a beneficial thing to SMILE about in a good way….:-)




  11. Leo says:

    Hi there, I would like to use synthasite but its really a bit too slow. Is there anyone the speed can be improved? I used weebly and it was really fast for me!

  12. Monique says:

    Hi Leo
    We are aware of the constant need for improving the speed of the application and that it is a top priority.

    If you have a specific problems with speed that you wish to report, please email support.

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