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Yola’s 4 years old

This month we’re celebrating Yola’s 4th birthday! In the last four years, 5 million customers worldwide have created their website using Yola. We are thrilled that you chose us over the other site builders and we thank you for your support. We would not be here without you. As a special thanks for supporting us over the years we are celebrating by giving you a $10 off coupon* to use … Read more

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Recent Yola outage: Here’s what happened

Yesterday was a very difficult day for Yola and our customers. Yola’s servers were attacked unexpectedly and maliciously by as yet unknown individuals and/or groups, bringing down all of our hosted websites as well as our service provider’s entire datacenter. The thing Yola cares about most is providing a world class service to all our customers, and doing so consistently and reliably. When our servers are attacked, your website is … Read more

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Introducing Yola Pro

When we started out, we wanted to bring you the absolute best website building software on the planet. Since then, we’ve come a very long way, and yet we have so much more we want to offer to you. Today, we have announced the launch of our “Pro” package – which is the next phase of Yola, focusing on the needs of small business customers. By offering enhanced features and … Read more

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SynthaSite raises $20 million in funding

Today, I’m proud to announce that Reinet Fund has just invested $20 million into SynthaSite, securing our future and enabling us to continue to build our business model and product offering.  This is a massive vote of confidence in SynthaSite, and we owe it to each and every one of you in our user community.  Our future is bright and, with your support, we will continue to make a difference … Read more

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How does SynthaSite make money?

We’ve been hearing this question recently from the SynthaSite community and thought that now was as good a time as any to answer it for you. Without giving away all of the details of our business plan, we can tell you that you’ll start to see us work a variety of monetization strategies into the product over the next 12 months. Some of them will be fairly straight forward, such … Read more

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