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Synthasite raises $5m in funding

I’m proud to announce that Synthasite has raised $5m from Swiss based, Columbus Venture Capital. The official press release is located here. This healthy injection of capital will allow us to grow very quickly next year, and release lots of new functionality and features.

We’re also planning to extend the templates and widget libraries considerably – right now, we’re a small team of engineers so it’s difficult to do everything that we have planned, but we’re going to skill up very quickly and the good news is that we’re now looking to setup a Silicon Valley office, and are looking for high class individuals to join us! Check out our Careers page to get an idea of the roles that we currently have available, and we’ll be announcing more roles as soon as we have defined them!

It’s an exciting time for us – thanks to all our users who have provided valuable feedback during the Beta and we look very forward to taking Synthasite to the next level!


Vinny Lingham
CEO, Synthasite

  • rob

    Congratulations indeed. How much ZAR is that again?

    Where can we see the portfolio of (syntha)sites already created? Are there any good ones we should/must see?

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  • Congratulations guys, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!

  • Mike Stevenson-Smith

    Congratulations, Vinny. Good luck

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  • http://www.Drewryonline.net

    Very proud of my fellow affiliate doing big things



  • dhdhdhsdh

    You could start by explaining the features of the product on your homepage, adding screenshots, a live demo, etc. I’m sure you haven’t lost sight of the fact that the purpose of the business is to sell a product, and no-one will buy it if they don’t know what they’re buying.

    Why is there no calendar navigation on the blog?

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  • Hey
    I tried my hands on the control panel of synthasite. I liked it very much. Its easier than blogger, word press or any other blogging platform. You gonna rock!!!!

    – Mittal Patel

  • Monique

    Hi Mittal

    Thanks for the great feedback! We are glad you like our site builder. We have big plans for the future, so stick with us as we develop in the coming year.


  • Great interface and usability! Congratulations.

  • Leon De Waal Louw (CT) ZA

    Hi there Vinny,
    Thank you ever so much for this facility. I am busy constructing my web page today, and will pass it on to all my friends. As soon as you are through the Beta phase, I will subscribe to the service.

  • I am overwhelmed at this opportunity to build a web site that is telling my story. In a matter of days my website has opened doors in major ways. I am excited about what is happening in my life, with my vision and want to know how I can go further and circulate my site. How can someone log on type in soberliving and find my site.

    Lisa Leon

    Thank You

  • Monique

    Hi There Lisa!

    I have just been looking at your site, and I have to say I am very impressed! You have a lot of great content about a subject you are clearly passionate about, and I can see that you have a significant contribution to make in this area. I am so proud that SynthaSite has made this possible for you!

    We will be adding a tutorial with tips on how to promote your site very soon. For now I am going to suggest 3 posts in our forum that might be of interest to you:

    1) http://getsatisfaction.com/SynthaSite/topics/how_can_i_get_more_visitors_to_my_site
    2) http://getsatisfaction.com/SynthaSite/topics/how_can_i_tell_how_much_traffic_my_site_is_getting
    3) http://getsatisfaction.com/SynthaSite/topics/adding_a_form_with_synthasite

    I hope these posts are helpful. If you have any questions, please post them in our Get Satisfaction forum and feel free to use our forum to post a link to your site, so that other SynthaSite users can visit!

    All the best

  • AWSOME!!!


  • Jacques Botha

    Where can I see more Synthasite sample websites?

  • Monique

    Hi Jacques

    You can see examples of sites by clicking on the “featured sites” link on our homepage.

    Also, here is a link to a post in our forum where people are sharing their sites: