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Featured Websites: A journey through Pot o’Curry

To celebrate National Curry Week in the UK, our featured website is Pot o’Curry! This beautiful website grabs your attention immediately and has a mouth-watering, professional design. In this post, we take you through our top 5 reasons why this website is great.

1. Eye-catching imagery
One of the first things that grabs you about Pot o’Curry is its eye-catching imagery. You’ll notice that all the photos are clear and professional, and the size of the pictures do not compromise the quality. The close up imagery of the curry dishes entices you to try one, and the selection of spices in the website’s background image reinforces the copy on the homepage. In addition, the photos are modern and look like they were taken today, the colors are vibrant, and they look so good you want to find out more.

Pot O Curry imagery

2. Logo
You’ll notice that Pot o’ Curry has its own logo that’s unique to the business. This helps with the website branding and distinguishes the business from its competitors. It also makes the site instantly recognizable to customers if they are familiar with the business already. Additionally the logo’s design brings in a spice of India and perfectly complements the product.

What’s also great about the logo is the fact that Pot O’ Curry uses a logo with a transparent background, which allows the logo to blend seamlessly into the orange background.

Pot O Curry Logo

3. Simple color scheme
Another reason why the website looks so good aesthetically is because of the simple color scheme it adopts across the whole site – on the navigation, logo, background and buttons.

The color scheme is made up of 3 colors, orange, white, and black, and the site really demonstrates how less is more in terms of the amount colors used. Although the color scheme is simple, the website is anything but dull. In fact, because the colors have been limited, it makes the imagery stand out more as the color palette is not competing with the photos. The orange color, although bright, complements and works well with the images – our guess is it had been chosen to match the photographs used throughout the site.

4. Clear call-to-action
One thing we love about Pot O’ Curry’s homepage is the fact that there is only one clear call-to-action – the “Find out more” button. From the homepage, this button directs visitors to where they can learn more about the spices and recipes that go along with them.

The button is beautifully designed – it looks modern and stands out on the light background. The way the color scheme inverts on mouseover is also a nice touch. It makes it obvious that it is a button, and that it can be clicked on.

Pot O Curry CTA

5. Prominent contact details
Finally, Pot O’ Curry does a great job on the contact page. Once you’ve reached the page, you’re presented with a web form to complete to get in touch, if you have any questions. In addition, the contact page includes an email address, phone number, postal address and location map to give users alternative points of contact.

We hope you like Pot o’Curry’s website as much as well do. Let us know what you particularly like about the site by commenting below, and, to all our UK readers, Happy Curry Week!

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