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How to Have a Color Scheme that Matches Your Banner Image

Many Yola site owners often wonder how to select a color scheme that matches their site banner image. Doing this is very simple with Yola. We understand the importance of having the different segments of your site complement one another which is why we have included this functionality as part of our recently launched feature, the Style Designer.

The Style Designer is a new and exciting feature in the Yola Sitebuilder that allows users to easily configure the look of their entire site from a single panel. It is a really powerful way to customize your site’s color scheme, background image and navigation among others ultimately, helping you create a visually appealing professional site that will stand out online.

In this post, we would like to show you how to select a color scheme that matches your site’s banner image.

First, select or buy a banner image for your Yola site. When making the selection, pick a banner image with the right dimensions so that it fits right on your site. Next, visit Adobe Kuler, a color palette generator by Adobe that enables you extract color themes from an image and that enables you try out, create and save various color schemes.

Adobe Kuler
Once you get to Adobe Kuler, click on the image icon on the top right corner and upload an image. After that, select a color rule and copy down the hex values that are generated below the colors. (A hex value is the number used to identify colors used on the Internet and is usually a combination of  six numbers and letter such as 6FFF33).

As soon as you have these values, head over to the Yola Site builder and open Style Designer from the page tab.

Under the color section, use the hex value that you generated from Adobe Kuler and voila! You have an awesome site that matches your banner image.

Style Designer color selection
Excited about how your site looks? Check out more Yola tips about picking to the right colors for your website here!

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