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Featured Website: PunyPixel

PunyPixel may be designed with the smaller set in mind but don’t call them tiny. This website has a big personality!

Site owner Jo Tiongson-Perez selected our Vibrant Canvas style to showcase her puny pals. We love her use of color both in her designs and her website. It is young and hip while remaining refined and sophisticated. She made use of the CSS editor to customize her style which suits her designs perfectly.

“As a mompreneur, I have less and less of two things: time and budget. Enter Yola, my super sidekick for building a tasteful website with e-commerce and social media marketing widgets. All on my own and all within budget—which means more time devoted to being an awesome mom.”—Jo Tiongson-Perez

Success stories like Jo’s are why we get out of bed every morning—to help small business owners spend more time running their businesses and living their lives than creating and maintaining their websites.



  • this is very good blog. i like it very much

  • Big thanks Yola! We <3 your great customer support which helps SMBs like ours go a long way.

  • Q> I think the black dots are actually her eyebrows.Also, cute.

  • I think the site builder is very easy to use. It was very easy for me to build my own website, but the orders are not coming in. You have given us a lot of tools to use. I would love more tips on how I can get people to come to my website without using Google pay-per-click. I have done advertising on my own but not a lot of success with orders.

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    For me he was part of the family of eurobloggers, and although this was just one part of what he was and what he did, I will remember him as one of the founders of the growing euroblogosphere – and I hope others will do so, too.

  • Yola is fun, easy and more features