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Featured Website: Cookie Dough Cakes

Site owner Kerry Foster worked with her husband on Cookie Dough Cakes, the website they created to feature their adorable and unique cake designs. They focused on capturing their sense of fun and whimsy while keeping the site clean and easy to navigate.

This husband and wife duo will be the first to tell you that there is a learning curve to website building. Cookie Dough Cakes is their second website. They found that this one had come together faster and easier than their first site, especially after learning more about the tools Yola has to offer.

“A lot of the time we had to use trial and error. While adding more features to the site, we would add things to pages and change different settings in the Style Designer. We were quite surprised by how good we were able to make things look, sometimes quite by accident!” said Foster.

We applaud this technique as experimenting with the many settings can lead to a much more original looking website. If you don’t feel adventurous enough to tinker with a published website, create a test site within your account. You can then add content and explore the many ways you can manipulate and customize the content using the Style Designer. Once you get more comfortable with the tools, you can transfer that knowledge over to your primary website.

Foster was “quite impressed with the various tutorials available on Yola.” Through them and the blog, she learned how to:

“We have received very positive feedback on our site from various people who have viewed and commented on it. We are a fairly new business, just starting out, so we are hoping we will now be able to get more traffic to our site and that it will start making a big impact on our business,” added Foster.

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