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Featured Website: Kid Toc

Kid Toc is an English learning system geared towards kids and adults with a focus on keeping learning simple and fun! While the system may be simple, site owner Jasmine Basha realized early in her website development that her business needs were anything but.

Jasmine needed a powerful and versatile online store solution to accommodate both her eBook downloads and physical merchandise sales. The Yola Online store allows her to manage and promote two very different types of products seamlessly. The Kid Toc online store does an excellent job of merchandising both types of products so it is clear what she has available.

By working closely with the Yola Support team, Jasmine was able to meet all the needs of her developing business with the tools offered within the Sitebuilder even when others suggested she might need to code the site herself. By doing so, she maintains the ability to make changes to her website easily anytime she needs to, all without having to learn a line of code.

“I would not have been able to start Kid Toc without Yola. Not only did they offer such easy website design tools but as a non-technical person I could never have made a website on my own without their friendly tech support—a rare and valuable service! You can actually build a complete website on your own—no fancy programmers, no fancy coding, no fancy talk.”—Jasmine Basha



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3 thoughts on “Featured Website: Kid Toc”

  1. Hi. This is Kid Toc responding to your question

    Kid Toc is an effective way for kids to learn how to read because having kids as their teachers removes the adult pressure element. It allows them to learn in a fun peer to peer environment which instills confidence which is key to learning. The matching Story books, Lessons and Videos are presented in such a fun way that kids love it.

    Try it. There is a 100% refund guaranteed. No questions asked.
    Come see how and try the free demo http://www.kidtoc.comb

    Thanks for your inquiry. Let us know if you have any further questions.
    Kid Toc

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