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5-minute website fixes: Using custom headers to change the tone of your site’s copy

While creating a website, once you’ve decided on its content, your excitement gets you building like a well-oiled machine. You’ve developed your brand, chosen images and written your copy. Alas, you’ve reached completion.

Analyzing your freshly built website, you suddenly realize the monotony throughout your text. You’ve developed such interesting copy, and don’t want to waste it on bland formatting. How to your fix it?

Let your text work in your benefit – make use of the custom headers in Style Designer.

When in Sitebuilder, upon entering Style Designer, scroll down to the “Fonts” section – you’ll see five different header settings to use at your disposal.

Formatting second header on Yola
Once you’ve decided on the Font Family and Size of your header, go ahead and scroll up to colors to further customize your text.

Formatting second header on Yola
Using the Text widget, spread these headers throughout your website to give it an exciting, yet consistent, look and feel from page to page.

Formatting second header on Yola
Need a couple of pointers on where to add header text? We have a couple of ideas for you to get the ball rolling.

Use your Second Header to broadcast the heading of your page. This text should be large, grabbing the attention of your views, letting them know the purpose of the page.

Formatting second header on Yola
Customize your Paragraph to be much smaller than your second header, allowing it to be used site-wide.

site copy - 5
Use the rest of your headers to create a visually appealing website, full of variety.

Formatting second header on Yola
By the time you’re finished, your site will be anything but monotonous.

Developing site headers on Yola
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