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5-Minute Website Fixes: Duplicating Pages

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If you’re a frequent reader of the Yola Blog, our guess is that you’re probably a site-building pro. Still there’s always a few tricks of the trade that can be really helpful, especially since we’re constantly innovating to improve our product.

At this point, you’ve got the low-down on custom panel widgets, have the deets on custom headers and may even be able to set a site’s color scheme with your eyes closed (eyes closed may be a stretch, but you know where we’re going with this).

When it comes to putting your freshly acquired skills to use, we’d like to make it as easy as possible.


Today, it is our pleasure to give you the 411 on duplicating pages.

Why would I need to duplicate a page?

When going through the creative process of designing a website, you’ll find yourself building, customizing and fine tuning one widget until, voila! It’s perfect!

For example, when creating a custom footer, you’ll need to decide on color choices, fonts, sizes and layouts. Once the design is finalized, you could rebuild it on each page to follow, or you could duplicate the page!

Has your jaw dropped yet?

Go ahead and pick it back up, and we’ll show you how.

Here we have Growerfields Farm’s homepage.

Duplicating Pages on Yola
This page has a layout where they have one column on top and three columns below.

Changing your page layout on Yola
We’re going to create a Produce page, and leave it keeping the same general format as the homepage.

While in the “Page” tab, click “Page Properties,” and simply click “Save Page As…”

Duplicating pages in Yola
Next, choose the name on the new page, the name of its heading, whether you want it to display in your site navigation and if it should be password protected. Now, hit that “Save” button.

Duplicating pages on Yola
We now have an exact replica of the original page – go ahead and spice it up and add its own personality.

Duplicating your pages on Yola
Have you tried duplicating your pages? How has it helped you in site-building?

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