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5-minute website fixes: Driving conversions with a landing page

So, upon building a business website, you’re on the hunt for ways to improve conversion rates. As always, when it comes to any site-building matter, the Yola Pros have just the antidote for your profit-building problem.

The answer – landing pages.

Before you get to building, it’s a good idea to get familiar with what they are, and why they’re necessary. Additionally, if you’re familiar with keywords, call-to-action buttons and building online personas, this 5-minute fix will be an absolute cinch.

To get started, let’s first do a quick brainstorm – what type of conversion are you looking for? This could be anything from selling a particular item in your Online Store to giving away eBooks in exchange for user email addresses. Once you have the goal of your landing page, get to building.

Hiding the page from your navigation
Your website’s navigation should be clear-cut, only holding the key elements of your website – Home, About Us, Services, Contact and any other main page. That being said, your landing pages should not be in your site navigation. Let’s go ahead and create a page, keeping it hidden from our site navigation.

While in Sitebuilder, click the “Page” tab, and the click the little green plus.

Add a new page in Yola Sitebuilder

Add in the name of your page, and uncheck “Display in navigation.”

Adding a new page in Yola Sitebuilder


Perfect! You’re well on your way to you new landing page. Another important feature of a landing page is there to be really only one link – your main call-to-action. That means you’ll need to say see you later to your navigation bar.

To remove your site navigation from just one page (rather than sitewide), drag and drop the HTML widget onto you page and copy and paste this code and hit save:


<style>#yola_nav_block {display:none;}</style>


Removing the site navigation from your Yola site


Voila! Your landing page is now navigation-less. If removing your banner image is something you’re keen on, that’s no problem. Copy and paste the following code into your HTML widget as well:


<style>#sys_banner {display:none;}</style>


Now that the canvas for your landing page is set, it’s yours to paint. Go ahead and style it to your hearts content. That being said, there are a few necessities for any successful landing page:

  • Make use of strong visuals and minimal text. When it comes to landing pages, less is more.
  • Be sure to add in long-tailed keywords, such as “Personal fitness trainer in San Francisco” to be found by a more targeted audience.
  • Add in an attention grabbing CTA, directing visitors specifically where they need to go to convert.

Creating a landing page with Yola


Once your landing page is created, utilize social media and email marketing to get it out in the wild.

Have any tricks you’d like to see featured in our 5-minute website fix series? Let us know!

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