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Yola Custom Panel Secrets: Part Two

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Hey folks!

Last video we touched up on adding a Custom Panel Widget with a double border. This time we’re going to demonstrate how to create custom panel widgets with image backgrounds. We’re going to add text to these custom panel widgets, and it’s going to allow our Custom Panels to have a next text overlay. In addition, we can add links to these, and it’ll give us a nice professional look for our site.

To start, we are going to drag and drop our Column Divider Widget – this will allow us to create the perfect size for our image.

Next we are going to add our Custom Panel widget to our Column Divider. Then we are simply going to choose a background. We’re going to center it, and hit “Save.”

We’re going to add a second custom panel widget using the save steps, just so you are able to get a better feel of the look once we go ahead and preview the site, and then we are ready for our text.

Drag and drop the Text Widget to your new custom panel (this is where customizing your text in Style Designer comes in handy). Add your text, add a link to your text and go ahead and click “Preview.”

If you’d like, hover over your link – it will take you to the website you previously selected.

Custom Panel Widget

Alright folks, this was our tip for the day – make sure to check back for our next!

Thanks for watching!

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