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7 website secrets for the holiday season

The holidays are an important time for most companies. Did you know Yola makes it easy for you to update your site so you can take advantage of the shopping season?

Here are 7 tips for how you can increase traffic, sales and performance:

1. Change your style to reflect the holiday season
Even if you’ve already published your site, it’s easy to change your style to give your site a quick holiday refresh. If you’re tech savvy, you can also create a unique look and feel by editing the CSS directly.

2. Use holiday stock images
Adding some holly, ornaments and wreaths is a quick way to add some festive flair. You can do this from within the Yola Sitebuilder using Fotolia stock images.

3. Use your homepage to showcase your best deal or product
Your homepage is probably the most visited page of the site, so make sure you create the best first impression by showcasing your products and/or services Try using our image gallery to showcase your products. You can also add a form to your homepage so customers can contact you immediately.

4. Start a PPC campaign
Paid search is one of the easiest ways to drive targeted customers to your site immediately. Remember, if you purchase custom domain from us or upgrade to Yola Silver you get up to $75 of FREE Google AdWords advertising credit.

5. Optimize your content for holiday keywords to improve SEO
Do some keyword research into what people may search for over the holiday season and update your content to improve SEO.  Remember search engines love regularly updated content!

6. Start some email marketing
It’s never too early to plan and create an email newsletter for the holidays. Send it to customers before the holiday season with your top offers. We’ve partnered with Constant Contact so you get 60 days of free email marketing. Need to collect more email addresses to establish a list? Just add our Constant Contact widget to your site.

7. Make your visitors feel secure
If you want people to buy from your website or submit their details to you, they must feel secure that their info won’t get stolen. Add a TRUSTe logo to your website to reinforce that your site is secure.

Next month we will be looking at how social networks can work for you this holiday season.

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