Changing Styles

Here's how to change your style/template:

1. In the Sitebuilder,  go to Style > Styles.

2. The styles are divided up into three categories:

  • Recommended
  • Premium
  • Free
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3. Many of the styles are customizable! Hover over the thumbnail to view the styles features.
4. When you've decided on the style you would like to use, click on it. It will be applied to your site. 
5. If you're happy with the style, simply continue editing your site.  
Please note: If you have added your own banner or background to the previous style, it will not be added to the new one - you will need to re-add it to your new style (if the style has the option). You can find your uploaded banner or background image in the File Manager.

If you wish to revert back to a style you used previously, you can click on the "Revert Style" button. Your previously uploaded background and/or banner image will be reapplied.

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Please note: If you have exited your Sitebuilder and decide to switch your style back to an old one, the Revert Style button will no longer work. You can simply browse through the styles to locate your old template used. All previously associated banners and backgrounds will return as well.

If you're a Yola Free user and you've selected a Premium Style, you can try out the style on your site for free before making your purchase and you will be prompted to upgrade to Yola Silver the next time you publish your site.