Site Building Advice 13

Widget Wednesday: HTML Widget

HTML 101We hear a lot of feedback from our members saying they want a website that stands out from the crowd. You put a lot of time and energy into your website so you don’t want it to look like everyone else’s. One widget that most of our Featured Websites utilized to achieve their custom look is the HTML Widget.

The HTML widget allows you to tweak the look and feel of your site, change your navigation menu or add pre-coded, third party widgets with a simple copy and paste. The best news is, you don’t have to know how to create HTML code to use the HTML widget like a pro!

Thanks to tools like our HTML 101 Site and the Yola Code Site you can add many custom elements to your website with ease. Using the Yola Code Site, you can see what codes are available and how they work. Then, through the Yola Test Site, you can test, tweak and grab the codes for use on your website.

Don’t be HTML-phobic. Roll up your sleeves and take a look around, you’ll see it’s easier than you think to copy and paste your way to a more custom website! If you get stuck, our Support Team is standing by, ready to help!

  • how can a person log on to my website?

    • LauraT

      Hi Grant, We don’t offer this feature, but you can check out this thread on our forum for solutions and alternatives.

  • Woow god info and tool.

  • The biggest problem is you do NOT let us make a template and then every page has that look.
    So with every page you have to start again which is time consuming if you have to keep making a sidebar, thats why i have left yola.

  • LauraT

    Hi Tanveer,

    As a Yola Silver member you can make site wide changes to your style using the CSS editor. It’s a great tool that saves advanced users a ton of time when customizing their websites.

  • I’m a Yola Silver member who has to renew his membership. But I doubt I will.

    It took me 4 hours to put up two articles with the format style I wanted. You have ALOt of work to do in terms of making it easier for us to edit and format artciles. It really is so annoying. The limited tools we have. I can indent an article to left or justify into a single column. And posting a blog piece is SUCH a mission. I can’t remember how many times I had to reformat the article’s colour and background so it comes out the way I “see” it.

    This whole Facebook Comment thing is something you’ve put up on your homepage but WE CAN”T MAKE USE OF THAT!

    Are you trying to annoy us?

    Like I said, I’m more pissed off than happy.

    • LauraT

      Hi Kosta,

      I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so frustrated. Have you contacted Support for assistance with what you are trying to do? I’m confident we can assist you if you contact Support with your website address and let them know the specific issues you are facing.

  • REALLY this is fantastic work for here i like it your work.

  • Meda

    The yola code site is the most annoying thing ever. Why do you not put the codes up as download beside their example? I have to go to the yola test site to grab it but if it is in use i have to wait until it’s available. Its frustrating as hell.

    I could do a better job organising the feautures of this site. And before you tell me am just an amateur, no am not, am helping out a friend building his site and he hates how clumsy and annoying the whole thing works. The more he uses it, the more he sees the flaws.

    Fix it or you won’t survive long. WordPress is a thousand times more flexible.

    • LauraT

      We appreciate your feedback on the Yola Code Site Meda, I will pass it on to the people who maintain the tool.

  • jamie

    I can’t wait to get a crack at it…Thanks!

  • Satisfied User

    For $8/year, there is no better tool out there, so the complaints really amaze me. Thank you Yola for the many small businesses for which I have been able to build starter sites.

  • Shawn

    If you “guy’s” don’t like yola, then how about start learning some HTML fool! You know how much time it takes to make Yola. The Javascript, the PHP. Btw, these a scripting languages. As a web “developer” myself I can tell you that Yola wasn’t easy to make and it is only about 5 years old. And wordpress is 9. That’s 4 years. In 4 years yola can do alot to improve. You people always take advantage of whats on the Web. But it all requires coding. And lots of.