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We’re changing our name

SynthaSite will soon be Yola

We’re excited to let you know our new name is going to be Yola. It’s easy to remember and pretty fun to say. It comes from the Hindi word “jhola,” which means hatch – and hatching big ideas is exactly what you do at Yola.

A new name for the same company

Our name, homepage and URL will be new, but everything else about SynthaSite stays the same. We’re still the same company with the same team. You’ll find all the sites you built and their web addresses are also staying the same. If you have questions about this change, please go to these FAQ’s.

Here’s a homepage preview

The change is coming in a few short days, but here’s a sneak peek. After the site changes to, you still log in just like you did at In the meantime, you may want to create a new bookmark for

We hope to see you very soon, at

82 thoughts on “We’re changing our name”

  1. IM SO THANKFUL……. SO VERY THANKFUL that IM NOT LOSING MY SITE because of you choosing to change the name.. PRAISE God for that… Thank you for doing what you are doing for yourself and allowing us to still have our website link through synthasite. I already lost one website through aol and I would have been heart broken if I lost this one. I would have cried for weeks if I lost this one because of you changing your name…..THANK YOU….


    Q: Will my SynthaSite subdomain (example: still work? For how long?
    A: Yes, it will always work.

    Q: Can I still publish new sites to a SynthaSite subdomain?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I publish to a Yola subdomain?
    A: Currently, you can only publish to a SynthaSite subdomain or a custom domain name. We’re working on the ability to publish to additional subdomains in the future.

    Q: What’s not changing?
    A: Everything else. Your login is the same, the web address for your published site is the same and the site builder is the same. We still offer all the great website building tools and hosting you’re used to, and it’s still free.

    Q: If I have a SynthaSite account, do I need a new account with Yola?
    A: No. Everything about your account stays the same.

    Q: If I have a SynthaSite account, will I lose my site?
    A: Absolutely not.

    It clearly states that we will not loose our Sub-domains and there will be no loss of our sites. We all will still be able to create websites and any ability to create new websites with a as our names would come in the future. I look forward to that future…


  3. I really hope you guys are aware that ‘yola’ is a slang term for cocaine. Synthasite can be addictive, but the reference is definitely not a good one in marketing terms 🙁

  4. bioinfoworld.synthasite.comb,,,,,,,

    These are the sites iam having and there are many internal links provided inside each websites. If you change the name I have to modify many things inside it…… is really confusing thing
    Synthasite is good than YOLA ……..keep and maintain old one.

  5. Dont like the new name at all, sounds childish and unproffesional. Having a shorter name i dont personaly believe will really help with typos, Firstly the sub domains will remain the same so the most typing still includes synthasite anyway. And most people who build on synthasite will have it saved under their fav proably. Anone searching in google will get their spelling corrected anyway.

    Secondly i dont particluly think it is very memorable or stand out, not a name i would happily spread around, just dosnt sound good – pick a better name!

  6. Leave the name alone. Synthasite is a mondern name that sums up your site. Yola sounds like a European candy bar. Concentrate on adding new features, not on messing up the name.

  7. oh i can’t wait!! yola wow! exciting i got so used to synthasite but it will be even cooler synthasite is so much fun~!!! i am so happy i find this site its the best! from you fan neena!!

  8. I’m all for a shorter name; but, when I first read that e-mail saying what that name would be, I couldn’t believe that it would be changed to such a weird sounding name…

    I have nothing against the hindi. I love Bollywood films and watch them all the time even though I am no Indian.

    It’s just that the name just doesn’t have a great ring to it…..

    But, then again, I suppose how strange does the word “Google” sound? Really strange; and it’s become quite common. So, I suppose that I will get used to the new name.

    One thing that I will definitely be looking forward to is the shorter url’s for our sites. I’m liking the option of choosing from a variety of different subdomains. is just soooooo long. How many people would constantly misspell it?

    Is there going to be a way to change our subdomain if we want to and still have old links redirect to the new address?

  9. Now that I really think about it, I think I know one of the biggest things that I can think of with the name Yola. It’s too similar to hola. Most Americans are far more familiar with the word hola than jhola or yola. I wonder how many times people are going to misspell this name simply because they think that the referrer guy is calling it hola instead of yola or saying it wrong.

    To me, it doesn’t really matter. I am liking the ability to choose a different domain for my subdomain. I just hope that I get to choose between more than just “synthasite” and “yola”; otherwise my site address will get misspelled…….

  10. Oh, GREAT! Just what everyone wanted:
    A pagan name that means NOTHING in English, sounds
    amateurish, and presents a non-professional image.

    Personally, I find YOLA much harder to remember than
    SYNTHASITE. The only thing it has over Synthasite, is
    that it is only 4 letters long.

    BTW, the new home page looks equally unprofessional and
    is as equally a poor idea as the new name (espescially
    when compared to the VERY good image that the name and
    website SYNTHASITE has projected up to this point).

    I suppose if it is management’s goal to attract the
    under-14 crowd, they will succeed (relative to SYNTHASITE).
    But YOLA is a turnoff for professionals and the adult
    scene, IMO.

    Re-think, poll your audience for these types of decisions,
    and have the smarts to abort a bad idea.

  11. Dear Vinny, being the winner of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader, you have received the global recognition for ‘Synthasite’. I believe you should carry the same momentum and Brand Equity that ‘Synthasite’ has provided you instead of changing the name.

    Good luck and keep up the flag!

  12. I have a published Synthasite website, but do not recall receiving an email announcement of the name change. Even if I had opted out of routine announcements, this type of news should have been sent to all registered users. I will adjust my opt-in settings, however.

    Regarding the change, I agree with a previous poster that Yola might be better for a younger audience. (I do like that it is much shorter than Synthasite). However, I encourage you to consider having two brands: Yola – free and young; and Synthasite – paid and more professional.

    I have been impressed with your platform’s ease-of-use and wish you continued success.

  13. I have my course websites here and for me “Synthasite” sounds more professional. But of course no one has asked my suggestion:-)

    I am sure you did your research and came up with the new name. I speak Hindi and the most common meaning of “jhola” is ‘bag’. You may still say ‘yola’ is a bag of ideas!

  14. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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