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Website of the Week: My Personal Trainer

One concern we hear from business owners trying to decide whether to use Yola to create a personal trainer website for their small business needs is that they want a website that is easy to build and maintain but they don’t want it to look like a cookie cutter website. We couldn’t agree more, so we love featuring websites that really stand out from the crowd, or use one of our Styles in a way we’ve never seen before.

Absolute Fitness‘s site owner, Chris Loughrey, based his business model on being different from traditional gyms, expensive in home trainers and even other online training websites. “There’s a number of sites out there offering online personal training but the common thread amongst most of them is that the service is run by a computer program throwing out cookie cutter exercise programs that don’t really take into account people’s individual needs or preferences.”

As such, it was crucial his website helped to set him apart from the crowd. “The service and the site go hand in hand. There’s a members area featuring
 tips and tools for exercise and nutrition, easy-to-follow recipes, a video 
library with demonstrations of hundreds of exercises and a blog with 
constantly updated articles on subjects that are relevant to my clients.

When it comes to the Yola Sitebuilder it’s been a rewarding and very interesting
 process for me. I’ve wanted to build a site for some time but I’d never even
 written a single line of HTML and so the idea was very daunting. I’d
 considered hiring a web designer to do the job for me but the prices always
 deterred me. My brother had been using Yola to great effect on his own sites
 and recommended that I take a look… The Sitebuilder has been a great way to ease myself into HTML
 coding, I’ve learned how to write simple and effective code just by working
 with Yola every day. It becomes a natural part of the process and you just 
pick up this technical knowledge along the way.”

Picking up technical skills like HTML coding won’t just happen for everyone, but we think the way Chris embraced the learning curve that comes with building a website online was key to his success with Yola. He mentions that he has designed and redesigned his site and continually evolved the look and functionality of the site, which is exactly as it should be for any successful site!

Absolute Fitness personal trainer website

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  1. I am new to Yola and I am having trouble making meaning from the ‘real’ free. I have already created my account, yet cannot see the website that I can claim to have created

    Could you be brief? I have written my ‘Home page’content, yet I keep being asked to write that again!

    Any useful clues?

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