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Site of the Week: Ananta Yoga

At we take our promise of offering a free website builder that’s easy to use, very seriously. When Ana Sorce, owner of Ananta Yoga, contacted us saying that she enjoyed our newly relaunched Site Gallery because she got the impression that the sites we featured were made by every day small business owners like herself, we considered that a very good day at the office.

Ana told us her site wasn’t just for show. In fact she described it as a “work horse—a living, breathing site, that’s updated and visited often.”

As our resident search engine optimization (SEO) experts will tell you, that Ana, is the key to a successful website! Content is king, but not just any content, fresh content that is read and shared. Eye candy is nice to look at, but it wont help your site move up the search results ladder. To get started on improving SEO on your site, see this tutorial: Introduction to SEO.

The website has been a major part of Ana’s day to day operations and her constant work on the site is paying off for her business.

Potential clients can learn all there is to know about Ananta Yoga, from business logistics and the benefits of Yoga, to the services and schedules offered.

Existing students can register for classes on-line, check schedules and class card balances, enroll into workshops, and shop various on-line stores through a third party studio manager tool Ana implemented on her site.

Another thing Ana is doing right is engaging in an active social media strategy. Businesses large and small are keenly aware that social media is a vital part of their success, but getting started can feel daunting. Conversations will happen about your business online, so deciding to be an active participant in the discussion is good business. Ana is doing just that by utilizing a sign up box which is linked to Constant Contact allowing her to message her community with updates and offers, as well as a Facebook widget which has helped to expand Ananta Yoga’s social network.

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Ananta Yoga Studio

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