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Website of the Week: Little Sticks

Little Sticks sells big wall sticker fun in a beautifully customized online store. We’ve had our eye on this site for some time now. After a recent free website redesign, it was time to showcase the updated look and improved functionality that site owner, Libby Spooner, was able to implement into her online store, including her ability to accept and process international orders.

Using her free Fotolia credits, Libby added custom “shopping cart” and “buy now” buttons which compliment her website design.

Libby enjoys being in control of her business and in order to do that, she needed to be in control of her website. “The thing I enjoy most about using Yola is that I can easily change anything I like on my website, night or day, and publish to the web whenever I want. If I decide to update the blog, pricing, or add a new product, I can do that when it suits me, not when it suits a web designer or host. It’s instant gratification to see my changes published and on the web as soon as I press the ‘Publish to the Web’ button.”

With ultimate control comes ultimate responsibility. Libby took this seriously and became a student of good website design. “The Yola Help Center became my website building guide. I had it open every day while I was in the building (and learning) phase.”

My business is 100% online. It relies on customers visiting through word of mouth, search engines and other means of advertising. Customers are currently staying on my website for an average of 6 minutes a visit, which I think is a huge compliment to my website. I can tell you this statistic because I added Stat Counter and Google Analytics to my website. It’s great to see how many visitors I get a day, and then to get the emails with orders on them!—Libby Spooner

Little Sticks

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  • Free website redesign? Does the Yola staff alter free style templates? Since this site has a lot of charm (which is what I want for mine), how did it happen here? Essentially: is the only Yola customized designing available the $350 deal? Thank you!

    • LauraT

      Hi Lisa,

      You can easily customize most of our styles, and the majority of our Featured Websites were designed and customized by the website owner. If Yola Premier was used, it is indicated in the blog post. I suggest you review this tutorial on customizing your style and continue to check out our Featured Websites for inspiration!