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Website Makeover: Jacob’s Personal Chef Services

Website owner Jacob Lucas knew he needed a professional website to help promote Jacob’s Personal Chef Services,  but he would rather whip up a souffle or plan a dinner party menu then spend time building a website.

Our design team found a bounty of mouth watering pictures of dishes Chef Jacob had created but they were not organized in an appealing way. His business also lacked a logo to help define his branding.

We created a custom logo, and organized his most professional looking images in a clean and simple layout that put all the focus on his food. We also listed a description of the services he offered prominently on his homepage so visitors know exactly how he can help them.

Because some of his services include meal preparation in clients homes, creating trust immediately is essential for his website. We selected a friendly headshot of Jacob and added a brief biography so potential customers would feel at ease about inviting him to their home.  Placing a customer testimonial directly underneath his portfolio further emphasizes his trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Since publishing the updates we suggested Chef Jacob has reported an increase in his website traffic as well as an improvement in the local search results for chefs in his area in Google.

Chef Jacob Before and After

If you would like your website to be considered for a design review and possible makeover, please submit your site address here and tell us why you should be selected.

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