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Website Makeover: Henck Massage

Martin and Jennifer Henck offer a wide variety of therapeutic massage services and have been practicing for over 15 years. In addition to their extensive experience, they have a satisfied and delighted client base. Like most small businesses, attracting new clients was still a priority for them.

Creating their website on Yola was an excellent first step in the right direction. Our design team reviewed their website and felt we could help them expand their reach with some updates.

We started by updating their style and color palette to shades of green because it has a calming effect more inline with the therapeutic services they offer. We also reorganized their content to improve readability and added structure and organization to the page with our Custom Panel Widget and Horizontal Line Widget.

We took advantage of some spa- and massage-related stock photography, included in their Yola Silver subscription, which served to communicate the purpose of their website and also created a more polished and professional overall look.

Including a glowing testimonial on their homepage creates instant credibility and trust for new website visitors and inspires them to want to learn more about the services offered.

Martin and Jennifer’s existing clientele all commented on their makeover indicating that it “looks much more professional, eye-catching and well laid out.” Great news, but even more exciting is the the increased website traffic they have experienced, and the rise in website inquiries and bookings they have received since relaunching their website.

It’s success stories like the Henck’s that inspire us to continue reviewing small business websites and offering design input with a focus on increasing traffic and sales for small and micro-businesses worldwide.

Henck Massage Before and After

If you would like your website to be considered for a design review and possible makeover, please submit your site address and tell us why you should be selected.

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